Announcement Letter of Birth or Adoption of a Baby

Having a baby is truly a wonderful gift, whether he/she is of your own blood or not. You as a parent must be prepared for the sleepless nights, but it is all worth it when you see your baby smile. Before the parents become too busy attending to their

baby, it is great to celebrate his/her arrival. Have plans for your baby arrival party and send a baby announcement letter to your relatives and friends.

A baby announcement letter is a simple invitation to celebrate and see the baby for the first time. It is also a great way to say thank you to your friends who supported you especially for the ones who decided for an adoption. You can invite your closest friends and relatives to see your marvelous joy.

Writing a baby announcement letter is not that hard. You must keep the letter straight to the point and simple. State clearly the date and time of the party as well as the location if it is being held on a place other than your home. Include the baby’s name, length and width, date of birth and date of arrival if adopted, or baby picture if there’s any.

You can also put the names of the grandparents, siblings, and biological mother’s name if applicable. You can also put your personal message and baby passages, but don’t overdo it. Better send the letters two weeks before the party date. Never send these if the mother’s still pregnant or you might need to reschedule the party if it is born too early or too soon.

Here is a sample baby announcement letter of adoptive parents:


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November 25, 2010

Larry and Joyce Killian
Maxwell Farm Road
Rainbow, NY 02239

Peter John Paul
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Peter,

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful baby girl!

She did not come from Joyce’s womb, but she is a God’s gift that we cherish.

Come and celebrate with the Killian family as we celebrate the arrival of our 6 lbs 20” baby, Kathryn, born on November 14, 2010 in Ohio. Witness her arrival in January 20, 2011 to our home in Maxwell Farm Road at 9:00 am.

Join us, along with the other kids Andrea and Hugh, as we open our arms to this beautiful bundle of joy.

Larry & Joyce

Class Reunion Announcement Letter

Time flies especially if you think of your days in school. You surely miss your old friends and teachers. If you are a class reunion organizer, then the task of getting funds and contacting your batch mates is daunting. Why not give a class reunion announcement letter to your well known former classmates to help you out.

A class reunion announcement letter is a great formal way to invite your batch mates to your coming reunion party. It is also a great way to collect funds and gather the latest information about other class mates. Planning the event is much easier if there is available help around.

When writing a class reunion announcement letter, you must make it more encouraging and fun. Write the date and location of the party including a timeframe of all the activities that you intend to do. Offer tickets that could also be joined in a raffle to get more funds.

Give rewards to whoever gives the latest information of a lost-contact alumnus. Be sure to send these letters six months to one year in advance to gather more information and allow them to prepare for the big event. Also remember to provide updates throughout the planning period.

Here is a following example of a class reunion announcement letter:


November 25, 2010

Elmsford University
Alumni Association Class of 1969
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

Peter John Paul
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear alumnus of class ‘69

You have been invited to this wonderful 40th class reunion. It has been 41 years since we said our goodbyes at the covered gym in Elmsford University. We have shared the lectures, the fun times and the sad moments of leaving the school and facing a new world. Let us revisit our memories and say hello to our old friends and make some new ones.

Here is a tentative list of all of the activities for the event:

First Day: Registration and dinner at a hotel

Second Day: Beach Tournaments from 9 am – 5 pm, Mini Concert

Third Day: Brach Tournaments (Championships), Reunion Ball and Raffle

The reunion is scheduled for November 1-3, 2011 so better dress up for the event. The reunion committee is planning to book us a three-day stay in the Gore hotel near the Sunny Beach in Florida. When you buy registration tickets you are eligible to join the raffle where there are great prizes waiting for you. If you helped the committee to find other class mates, we are giving you a chance to win the prestigious Committee Helper Award.

Purchase you tickets before July 10, 2011.
For more inquiries, information and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Planning Committee of EU Class of ‘69

Sherry Kincaid

Frank Ramos

Broken or Postponed Engagement Announcement Letter

Breaking an engagement is a difficult emotional decision. But it is much harder to break the news to your relatives and friends who have received an invitation. Giving broken or postponed engagement letters to the people who must be informed is proper.

Broken engagements or calling the wedding off letter is important to let your friends and relatives know that the expected occasion will not happen as scheduled. Some people must be immediately informed such as the parents of the couple, the church minister or wedding official, the venue for the event to take place, the caterers, the florists, the musicians, the photographers, and the close relatives and friends.

When writing a broken engagement letter, you must make the statement very short and clear. There are no explanations needed about why the engagement or wedding is called off or it might turn into the gossip of the town. Pass the letter along discreetly with the relatives and close friends and let them inform the others.

If a person you know is not invited to the event, then it is not necessary to inform them. In case that the engagement is called off days before the wedding, the family must act fast in order to save face and gather what is left of the wedding expenses. It is also a good way to let others cancel a flight and continue their jobs.

In some cases, the engagement or wedding is called off because a family member has died. In this case, state the reason for proponing the event, and place a new date and location for the even if available. If there is no schedule yet, just state that the engagement party or wedding will take place anytime soon.

Here is a sample of a postponed engagement letter due to a recent death of a family member:


November 25, 2010

CYA Wedding Planners
1234 Narrow Road
Abalone, NM 73645

Peter John Paul
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Peter,

Mr. John Cooper and Ms. Rosanna Herrington are sad to announce that the wedding has been postponed and the invitations are being recalled due to the recent passing of a family member.

Guests will be informed about the new wedding schedule. Please call me if you have any questions at 834-555-9023

Thank you for your understanding,

Jacqui Maniquis
Wedding Planner

Announcement Letter of an Engagement

Making an announcement through a letter is not as easy as telling it face-to-face. A written document is subject to different interpretations. When you write an announcement, be concise and straightforward in order for your readers to receive the information quickly and understand it clearly. Keep it short and simple. Make sure that you write something inviting and not just for the sake of announcing the occasion.

Utilize the letter for your advantage. If you are writing a personal announcement take the opportunity to ask the receiver how they are doing and to reconnect family relationships. Keep in mind as well that when you make an announcement, it should be complete. It would avoid too many questions addressed to you later.

One of the types of announcement is announcing an engagement through a personal letter. Writing a personal letter announcing your child’s engagement can be easily done. It would be a lot easier to disclose information because your readers are familiar with you as the writer and your child as the subject of the letter.

Below is a sample of a letter announcing an engagement to the entire clan.


November 25, 2010

Richard & Sue Washington
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

May Parker
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Aunt May,

How are you?

We are delighted to announce the engagement of our daughter, Jane, to her long time boyfriend, John Smith. John asked for Jane’s hand in marriage after dating for so many joy-filled years. Definitely, Jane said yes!

We hope to share in the next few months their wedding announcement- happy news!

We wish you also a Happy Thanksgiving.


Sue and Richard Washington

Another example of a letter announcing the engagement and an invitation

November 26, 2010

Richard & Sue Washington
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

May Parker
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Aunt May,

As we share our love together, come, join and fly with us!

The John Smith and Jane Doe Travel Engagement Party is set for January 10, 2011. We are departing at exactly 5:00 in the afternoon. We will meet at the Fly International Airport at least two hours before the scheduled flight.

Our itinerary is from California, the groom’s hometown, to Boston, the bride’s hometown. The groom’s parents, Mr. Joe Smith and Mrs. Josephine Smith will host the engagement party. On the other hand, the bride’s parents, Mr. Jonathan Doe and Mrs. Martha Doe will host a cocktail party in Boston.

Enclosed in this invitation is your airline ticket. We are encouraging all our guests to be in formal attire in all the events.

R.SV.P. by the 28th of December, 2010. Call Sassy at 123-456-7890

We look forward seeing you!

John and Jane

Divorce Announcement Letter

Divorce is a painful event for a couple, especially if they tired to keep the relationship working for years. The people who will hurt the most other than the couple are the immediate family. So it is best to write a divorce announcement letter to your family and closest friends.

A divorce announcement letter is an announcement letter that the married couple will no longer be together anymore. Writing a letter is much easier if the couple do not bring up the subject on the phone.

When you write a divorce announcement letter, it is best to keep it plain and easy to understand, without further explanations. Also state the date on where the divorce was granted. If the ex-wife changes her name back to her maiden name, state it to the letter.

If you are planning to file a divorce against your spouse, it is wiser to think about it and tell him first. Maybe your emotions are just high that leads to this decision. But if the two of you work things out, then there is no need for this letter. If you don’t get your relationship working, then it is the best time to take the necessary steps.

Inform your kids and parents in your home to tell them the news first hand. Never tell them one-by-one, or you might be surprised on how the news spread so easily. After that, you can send these to your immediate friends and let them spread the news.

Be discreet when using a social networking site or blog site, a change of status and a small statement will be enough to let anyone know. Telling how you hate your ex-spouse for leaving you can easily been read as hateful by everyone, including your kids. If you don’t want to hurt your kid’s or family’s feelings, just be quiet about it.

Here is a sample of a divorce announcement letter to a vendor:


February 25, 2010

Seeya, Laither, and Associates
1234 Narrow Road
Hennessey, NV 98410

Paul Anklet
Macys Jewelers
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Mr. Anklet,

Mr. Aaron Little and Ms. Sylvia Little both announce that their divorce was effectively granted by the Nevada court on January 25, 2010. Ms. Sylvia Little will use her maiden name, she will be known as Ms. Sylvia Olmstead starting on the date previously stated.

Please update your records this information accordingly.

Thank you for attention to this matter.

Arthur Seeya
Seeya, Laither, and Associates

Announcement of Special Discount Offer


This is to announce our 10% Special Discount Offer that
we are making on all orders for the following items for
the month of [month] only:


This 10% discount is available on any order set for
delivery from [date] through [date] ,
and is our way of saying thank you for being such a
valued customer.

We hope you will take advantage of this offer and will
send us your purchase order today. We will look forward
to hearing from you.

Announcement of Price Reductions


Rarely do we have the opportunity to inform our customers
of such good news. The legislature’s tariff ruling which
was handed down on May 15th, 1986, has made it possible
for our company to reduce our list price for Egyptian
cotton. Effective as of June 1, 1986, all full orders
received for six week delivery will be billed as follows:

#0134 $57.00 $51.30
#0135 $53.00 $47.70
#0136 $49.00 $44.10

We are very pleased to be able to pass this savings
directly on to you. These prices do not include the
additional 2 per cent discount that is offered to our
customers who pay within the 10 day discount period.

Announcement of Price Increase


Due to the increase in raw material costs, we must
unfortunately raise the cost of our merchandise to you.

We have avoided raising our prices for as long as
possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable.
We have enclosed our new price list for your review which
goes into effect on [date] Any orders placed between
now and [date of increase] will be honored at the lower

We wish to thank you for your valued account and know that
you will understand the necessity for this price increase.

Announcement of Partnership Buyout


This is to inform you that I have purchased all of the
interest of my former partner, [name] , and that
he is no longer associated with the firm of [name of firm]

Our business will continue to provide the same high quality
products and service on which we have built our reputation
and this internal change will in no way effect our company
policy or manner of conducting business.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the
coutesies you have shown us in the past, and hope that you
will let us continue to serve your business in a way that
is mutually beneficial and profitable to us both.

Announcement of New Shipment Arrival


Our new shipment from England has been unloaded,
delivered, dusted, and is now ready for your review.

We really found some marvelous pieces and when I tell
you that our container was jammed full, believe me,
it was full.

We welcome you to come, browse, buy if you like and
join us in a cup of espresso. We know you won’t be
sorry! See you soon.