Notice to Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior

TO: All Employees
FROM: Mr. Chambers

As President of this company, I was disappointed and
humiliated by the behavior of some (name of firm)
employees who attended the meeting on (day)
The discourtesy shown to (individual) was
unforgivable. Some employees not only talked incessantly
during our speaker’s address but also exhibited the
height of rudeness by leaving the auditorium before the
completion of his speech. To anyone who is guilty of these
actions, I want you to know that such behavior will not be
tolerated by this firm.

It distresses me to have to write a message such as this to
you, and I certainly hope and trust that it will never again
be necessary.

Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy

TO: All Employees
FROM: Management
SUBJECT: Vacations

This is to provide notice to all (name of firm)
employees of our new company policy in regards to vacations.

Notice of your intention to take a vacation must be given to
the company no less than days prior to your vacation.
This will enable us to employ temporary help, if necessary,
and to schedule vacations in a manner that will not be
disruptive to the company.

Thank you for your cooperation

Notice to Employees of Bonus Cancellation


This has been a difficult year for the Chambers Corporation.
I am sure that you all know that the loss of our three
contracts with the United States Air Force, due to the cut-back
in defense appropriations, hurt us substantially.

In July, we had a major decision to make. The question we
were faced with was whether to let some of our employees go,
or to explore all other possible avenues of cost reduction,
keeping everyone’s job intact. We chose the latter course.
Unfortunately, one of the policies we were forced to
eliminate for this year, was our annual Christmas bonus to
each of our employees.

This will be the first year since 1976 that we will be
unable to thank you in this special manner for your hard
work, loyalty and faithfulness. We are all hoping that 1986
will be a prosperous year and that we will be able to
reinstate our traditional Christmas bonus policy.

Notice to Employee Unqualified for Xmas Bonus


Each of our employees who has been with our firm for a
period of six months or more receives a Christmas bonus.
Since you became a member of our sales department on
August 1st, you will not be receiving a bonus this year.

I wanted to be sure that you understood this company
policy prior to our disbursement of the holiday paychecks
to avoid any misunderstanding or disappointment on your part.

We are very pleased with your work and while we would like
to bend the rules, this would be unfair to all of our other

Notice to Elect to Accept Damaged Goods

Date: _

To: _ (Supplier)

The undersigned received defective or non-conforming
goods on our order dated _, 19_. The items and nature of
damage or non-conformity are as follows: (Describe)


We shall accept said goods provided we are allowed a
deduction of $_ from the price.
Please advise immediately.

Very truly,


Notice to Disregard Letter Indicating Inability to Ship


Please disregard the letter I wrote to you on (date)
wherein I informed you that we would be unable to make
any further deliveries to you as called for in our contract
dated (date of contract) .

The circumstances which prompted me to write the above
mentioned letter have changed whereas (state circumstances
permitting retraction) ,
and we expect to be able to resume deliveries on (date) .

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this

Notice to Deliver Possession

Reference is made to your Lease dated (date), by and
between (lessor) and (lessee), for a month-to-month

You are hereby notified to deliver up possession of the
hereinafter described premises you now hold in possession,
on a month-to month tenancy, within days from the date
indicated above. Said premises known as (designate) ,
located at (address) , (city) , (state) ,
(zip) , to be surrendered to the Landlord, (building and

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Notice to Debtor of Assignment of Debt

To: _

You are hereby notified that _ (Creditor) has sold and
transferred to the undersigned all rights to its claim against
you in the amount of $_.

You are further notified to direct all payments to the
undersigned to insure credit for payment.


Notice to Customer of Check Returned NSF


Your check made payable to (name of firm)
in the amount of $ has been returned to us for
insufficient funds. The bank will not allow us to
redeposit the check since it has already been presented
on two occasions.

Would you please bring the amount of the check, plus the
$10.00 fee for our service charge for returned checks, to
the manager’s office at:
(name of firm)

We must ask that this amount of $ be paid by
either cash, certified check, or money order.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at the above
telephone number during office hours. Thank you.

Notice to Cancel Shipment of Back-Ordered Goods

Date: _

To: _ (Supplier)

Reference is made to our purchase order or contract dated
_, 19_, a copy of which is attached.

We have received a partial shipment and notice that
certain goods are out of stock or on back order.
Please cancel our order for the back-ordered goods and
adjust our invoice for goods received.

Very truly,