Order Referral to Local Dealer


Your purchase order, number (number) was referred to my
office. Your choice of the (model and number) is a wise
wise and tasteful decision. We, however, market our
products through appointed dealers, so as to insure
uniformity of service and constant local representation.

The name of the local dealer in your area is (dealer).
Your order has been referred to his good offices.

Thank you for choosing our product. If we may be of any
help in the future, please contact this office.

Offer to Special Order Merchandise Not in Stock


After checking with all of our other stores in the area,
I regret to inform you that I have been unable to locate
another (item requested) for you.

If you would like me to place a special order, I would be
most happy to do so. Normally, it takes between four to
six weeks to receive merchandise ordered in this manner.
If this is your desire, please call me at your convenience
at (telephone and extension).

On behalf of (name of firm) I would like to thank you
for shopping at our store and if there is any way that we
can be of further assistance to you, please let us know.

Offer to Loan Customers to Move December Payment


(name of firm or institution) wants you to have a
wonderful holiday season. We know that this is often a
difficult period for many of our customers, inasmuch as in
addition to their regular obligations there are so many
nice things to do for their loved ones.

Therefore, we are offering all of our loan customers the
opportunity to move their December loan payment to the end
of their loan in order to free up those funds for the
holidays. If you would like to take advantage of this
offer, simply return the bottom portion of this letter
with your signature, which informs us that you will not be
making your December loan payment. If we do not receive
this statement, we will assume that you prefer to make
your monthly payment as scheduled.

This is the best way we could find for wishing you a happy
holiday season and thanking you for being a customer of
name of firm or institution)
Very truly yours,

I will not be making my December payment. Please add this
payment to the end of my loan.


Offer of Letter of Recommendation

The fact that you will be leaving our firm shortly has
been brought to my attention. We are very sorry to lose
you inasmuch as your work has always been most
satisfactory and we were hoping that you would remain
with the (name of firm) for many years. I understand
that you are leaving for personal reasons that have
nothing to do with this organization.

I will be happy to provide you with a letter of
recommendation, if you so request. You may find this
helpful in securing a position with another firm in your
new locale. Please advise my secretary of your intent in
this matter, so that we can have it prepared for you
before your departure.

I know that I speak for everyone here at (name of firm)
in wishing you the very best of luck in the future.

Offer of Assistance to Family During Employee Illness


Everyone here at (name of firm) was saddened to
learn of (name of employee) sudden illness.

We know that this came on without any warning and while
the proceeds from the group policy insurance coverage will
defray a substantial amount of the medical costs, you may
have need for some additional financial assistance to see
you through this difficult time.

Please do not hesitate to call on us if you need our
assistance in this area. We consider (name of employee)
to be one of our most valuable employees and a fine
individual as well and would be most appreciative if you
will let him know that we are all thinking of him.

Offer of 2% Discount for Speedy Payments


In the past twelve months you have purchased a considerable
amount of merchandise from us, which pleases us greatly.
Since you have never taken advantage of the 2% discount we
offer for early payment, we thought that you might be unaware
of just how substantial your savings could be. The savings
on last year’s purchases alone would have amounted to $
By paying us within 10 days of delivery, you can actually
save 24% of the face amount of your average monthly bill
over the period of a year. There are, in fact, firms who
prefer to borrow funds to take advantage of this discount.
Of course, you know what is best for your own business, but
we want to be sure that you are aware of this savings factor.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the
orders you have given to us over this past year and the
promptness with which you have always paid. It is a pleasure
doing business with your firm.