Final Warning Before Dismissal

Date: _

To: _ (Employee)

You have been previously notified of certain problems in
your performance as an employee, which problems appear to

Any further violations of company policy or failure to
perform in accordance with our standards shall result in
immediate dismissal without further warning.

Final Notice of Impending Litigation


The postmark of this letter is registered with our office.
Unless you contact us at (telephone), you will run the
risk of your local Sheriff serving you with a Summons and
Complaint to appear in Court without further notice to

Filing of suit will initiate a series of events that will
cause you considerable inconvenience and expense. In
addition to the above mentioned balance, you may be liable
for court costs and interest.

In the event you should fail to contact us immediately, we
will assume that this debt is valid. Should you have any
reason to dispute the validity of the debt or any portion
thereof, this office will obtain verification of the debt
or obtain a copy of the Judgment and mail you a copy of
same. This office will also provide you with the name and
address of the original creditor if different from the
current creditor.


Final Notice Before Legal Action

Date: _

To: _ (Customer)

We have repeatedly requested payment of $_, on your
overdue account. Our demands for payment have been ignored.
Accordingly, we shall turn this account over for
collection within the next ten days unless payment, or an
acceptable proposal for payment is obtained.
Enforced collection on this obligation may result in
additional legal or court costs to you and may impair your
credit rating.

Very truly,

Final Demand for Payment on Delinquent Account


Your account has been referred to me with instructions
that I make final demand for payment of this debt.

Inasmuch as the outstanding balance is sizable, I have
outlined a payment plan for you as a method to retire
the entire balance over the next (number) months if
you are unable to forward the full amount at this time.

Amount Due $

Payment $ Monthly

Due Date $

This offer is being made to you as our expression of
wanting to settle your account in an amicable manner.
If we do not receive your first payment by the date
indicated above, we will have no choice but to refer
your account to a collection agency. We do not wish
to take any action which might impair your credit
rating and therefore request that you give this
matter your most immediate attention.