Cover Letter

Cover Letter Renewed Charge Chard


Enclosed please find your new [name] cards, which have
an expiration date of

I have been advised that should your account be renewed
in [month] , the credit limit on the account will be
reevaluated based upon your account balance. With this
knowledge in hand, I would hope that the account balance be
reduced below the [amount] credit limit within this time.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Cover Letter Product Literature in Response to Phone Inquiry


It was a pleasure speaking with you today and as I
promised, I am enclosing literature on the [products]

I will be happy to get together with you, upon your
request, to explain the functions of each system in
order to assist you in your decision making process.

Thank you for the coutesies you extended during our
telephone conversation. I hope that we can assist you
with your requirements.

Cover Letter in Response to Catalog Request


Thank you for your inquiry about our [equipment] I am
enclosing our catalog for your review.

We developed [name of equipment] to provide
educators with a comprehensive and effective means of
transmitting information and to help modernize educational
methods. That children are highly receptive and stimulated
to learn through the usage of audio-visual material, is
widely accepted by educators throughout the field.

After you have reviewed our material, we would appreciate
hearing your comments, and we will look forward to answering
any questions you have about our product.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the [product]

Cover Letter for Loan Book


Thank you for the recent opportunity of serving you in our
Installment Loan Department. The coupon book enclosed is
provided for your convenience in making payments on your
note. It will furnish you with a record of payments. We
are certain that you will appreciate the convenience
afforded by this book.

Please make all payments directly to us. They may be made
at any teller’s window, including the drive in, or payments
may be made by mail. Checks or money orders should be made
payable to [name of bank]

Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you in any
of the other numerous banking services that we offer
including checking accounts, savings accounts, trust
department and investment counseling.

Please feel free to drop in anytime at your convenience to
discuss your further needs with our staff.