Response Letter to a Complaint While Admitting Fault

It is not easy to admit your own fault. It is human nature to be defensive when a complaint is being filed against you. But then, if you know that it is your fault, you should admit it and make a correction.

A journalist’s duty is to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. It is a settled rule that a writer should base his story on facts and not on inconclusive evidence.

Hurting the feelings of another person is really bad but if you admit your fault and make another article correcting it, surely you have redeemed yourself. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you are wrong but you very well know that it has to be done.

Here is an example of a letter responding to a complaint while admitting your own fault and making a correction.


June 21, 2010

Laura Lei
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Laura,

In response to the your complaint filed against me in a case of Libel, my intention was very clear and that is to bring out the true facts of what really transpired during that incident without the slightest feeling of hurting your feelings. I am saddened when I received the complaint against me and that I caused you embarrassment and besmirched your reputation.

I am really sorry for not checking out the facts before I printed the article. I know that it is my duty as a journalist to get the two sides of the coin but I only based my news reporting on one side. It was entirely my fault. I have not been responsible enough in the discharge of my duties.

In order to make it up to you, I am willing to print another article and this time I would take your side of the story. If you would allow me to do an interview with you, I would be more than willing to do it right away. If you want, we can start the interview right away so I could bring it to my editor for it to be printed. I am really sorry to causing you pain. I want to rectify my mistakes and I promise not to commit the same wrong again.

Sincerely yours,

Henry Gord

Response to Request for Service on Expired Warranty


We are sorry to hear about the problem you have had with
your (name of product) We would like to be able
to make the necessary adjustments at no charge to you,
but, unfortunately, the warranty is expired.

The proof of purchase you mailed to us indicates that the
product was purchased on (date) Since our warranty
is good for a period of one year from the date of purchase,
it expired three months ago.

If you would like us to repair the (product) for
you, there will be a charge of (amount for repairs)
We will guarantee the work we do for a period of (time)

Please check the appropriate box on the enclosed instruction
card and return it to us as soon as possible.

Response to Request for Interest Paid Information


In response to your recent request concerning interest
made on your loan during (year), our records indicate
that the amount of interest paid to our note department
for (note or loan and number) was (amount)

We are enclosing a copy of our original statement sent
to you for your records.

Response to Order on Expired Credit Card


Thank you for your recent order from (name of firm)

We are unable to send you the merchandise due to the fact
that your (specify) credit card has expired. If
you still want (specify item) , please forward your
check or other acceptable form of payment and we will be
happy to send it immediately. Thank you.

Response to Notice in Regard to Canceled Coverage

This correspondence is to inform you that your above
subject notice, effective (date) is of little
effect inasmuch as the coverage was, in fact, canceled
on (date)

We wish to advise you that this oversight on your part
shall in no way accrue an earned premium or short rate
due by this insured.

If you are in disagreement with the information I have
stated above, please direct any future correspondence
to my attorney:

(name of attorney)
(law firm)

Response to Invoice Received After Payment

This is to acknowledge our receipt of your invoice #

A check of our records indicates that payment for this
invoice was made on (date) with our check #
payable to you in the amount of $

Please review your records and bank deposits to be sure
that you have not received our payment. If you are still
unable to find a record of payment, let me know, and I
will request a photocopy of our check, and forward it to
your office. This normally takes about 30 days.

If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you have
found our payment and have appropriately credited our

Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee, With Reference


This is to acknowledge receipt of your inquiry of
/ / in which you requested information regarding a
previous employee of our firm.

(name of employee) was my personal secretary
for the last three years. She is intelligent, dependable
and extremely well organized. She is fastidious in her
appearance and is very conscientious about her work.

Response to Improper Billing After Payment


On / / I received your letter which indicated that I
had a balance owing in the amount of $

On / / I mailed a check to you in the amount of $
You should have received my check prior to writing your
letter and I am, therefore, somewhat concerned.

If you have not received my check by the time this letter
arrives, I would appreciate hearing from you inasmuch as I
should issue a stop payment on the funds.

I will hold this matter in abeyance until I hear from you.