Acceptance Letter for an Invitation to Speak or Perform at an Event

Writing an acceptance letter for an invitation to speak or perform at an event should be direct and simple. You should not express reluctance or modesty. You have to let the reader feel that you are truly pleased to accept. This letter is also an avenue for you to request for your requirements such as sound system or materials that you will need.

1) Express in your letter how delighted you are and how wonderful you are to accept the invitation. Confirm the date, time, venue, attire and accommodation.

Sample sentences:
It is indeed a pleasure for me to sing for Mr. Washington ’s Birthday celebration.

I am delighted to accept your invitation to perform during the half time.

I am honored to accept your invitation to speak to the graduating class of your University.

Thank you for your invitation to serve as one of the judges. I will be there on December 20 at 7:00 pm.

2) State in your letter your requirements and special needs in order for the organizing body to arrange before your arrival.

Sample sentences:
In addition to an overhand projector, I will need a television.

Kindly assign two assistants during my presentation to help me distribute the hand-outs.

To enhance the discussion and group activities, could you arrange the tables and chairs in U-shaped formation?

3) If necessary and appropriate, discuss in your letter your professional fee.

Sample sentences:
I appreciate your offer of a $500 professional fee plus shouldering my hotel accommodations.

Here’s a sample letter of acceptance to an invitation to speak or perform.


November 26, 2010

Jocelyn Doe
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Mr. Doe,


Thank you for the invitation you sent me to be one of your speakers at your conference. I will be there on Saturday, December 20, at 3:00 p.m. to be held at the Washington Center in California.

For my presentation, kindly arrange for an overhead projector, wide screen, DVD player, whiteboard, and a podium with a microphone. Also, it would be great if you can send me the profile of the audience such as professional experience, and educational background in order for me to prepare appropriate materials for them.

I am currently making travel arrangements and tentatively plan to be in California on Friday, December 19. Kindly expect my call a week before to inform you my travel itinerary. I look forward seeing you at the conference.

Yours truly,
John Smith
President, ABC Industries

Engagement Invitation Letter

An engagement is cause for a celebration. The magic happens when two people finally decide to say their vows in the eyes of God and others. What better way to celebrate an engagement than by having an engagement party? Send an engagement invitation to your family and friends to make it special.

An engagement invitation is a short letter in which you people to come to your engagement celebration. It is also used to inform your close friends that you are engaged and soon to be married.

If you are planning to send an engagement invitation, it is best to send these at least a month before the occasion to avoid hassles and delays for you and the guests. Putting a photo of the couple together will make the invitation more personal. With the use of the technology today, you can easily edit your invitation to make it colorful and attractive.

Writing an engagement invitation is less formal than a wedding invitation, so it is best to keep the message short and simple, use a funny theme if you want or use short personalized love quotes on the side to make it more special. Attach a map so others will know where to go.

Also use R.S.V.P. note and contact information underneath to let your guest inform you if they are not coming to the event.

Below is an example of an informal announcement of an engagement and invitation:


April 15, 2010

Joan Lobdell & Chuck Moore
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, NV 99901

Catherine Bell
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, CA 91626

Dear Catherine,

Celebrate with us as we proclaim the start of our journey together…

Joan Lobdell and Charles Moore are proud to invite you to our engagement party.

The party will be at the Ella Hotel on Fresno Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada on May 11, 2010 at 7:00 pm. It will be hosted by Mr. Martin and Mrs. Jennifer Moore. A map is attached to this letter for further reference. Please arrive at least two hours ahead of the schedule. Please wear semi-formal attire to the occasion.

R.S.V.P. Joan Lobdell by April 28 for confirmation. Please call her at 702-555-4547 or send a message to

We look forward to seeing you there.

“May love keep us together…”
– Joan and Charles

Invitation Acceptance Letters

Writing an acceptance letter for an event should express a very positive tone. You have to reciprocate the kindness of the sender that you have been invited.

1) Show how grateful you are as one of the guests and accept the invitation.

Sample statements:

My family and I will be attending your graduation. We will not miss it.

We are delighted to be invited to be part of your wedding celebration. Our family will be there.

I appreciate for giving me the opportunity to witness the christening of your new baby. I will not miss it.

2) State in your acceptance letter the details such as date, time, location, attire, travel or accommodations.

Sample sentences:

Thank you for taking time to pick us up on Saturday at 5:00 pm.

We appreciate your kindness for arranging a room for our family.

We will be in the Summer Breeze Hotel on Saturday at 8:00 pm for your graduation.

3) You may include your expectations for the event.

Sample statements:

Our family is looking forward to being part of the family reunion.

I am delighted to be part of the program and sing for the entire clan.

Thank you for thinking of us to be part of your wedding celebration.

Below are samples of a letter accepting an invitation to an event.

Sample # 1

Mark Dale
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Mark,

Thank you for inviting our family to be part of Mary’s engagement celebration. Our family is eager to see your family again. This event will surely be a blast.

We will be arriving Saturday at 6:00 p.m. on flight 190. We appreciate for offering to pick us up and arranging a room for us at the Smith Inn. You seem to anticipate everything.

We are looking forward to spend more time with you and to be acquainted with Mary and her fiancé.

Joe Kelp

Sample # 2

Mark Dale
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Mark,
We appreciate for your kind invitation to your barbeque party on Saturday, December 20 at 4:00 pm.

My family and I are happy to be part of this fun celebration. We are eager to help you in your needs during this event.

Sarah Glass

Sample # 3

Mark Dale
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Mark,

I am pleased to be invited to attend John’s retirement party. I truly appreciate your kindness of picking me up at home, but I am already in the area of celebration. I already plan to go there directly after my meeting.

I really appreciate your offer and I’m looking forward to see all our old friends again.

Tom Kite

Invitation to Demo New Product Line


It is our great pleasure to inform you that our new
product line is ready for your inspection.

We believe that you will be delightfully surprised to
see some of our latest innovations in both concept and
design and invite you to call for an appointment to
visit our display room (name of individual) will be
happy to arrange a demonstration time for you at your

We will look forward to seeing you soon.