Return of Purchase Order and Request for Advance Payment


Your purchase order has been referred to me. I note that
the third item on the order is 50,000 of our Model 310
American Flags at a price of $13.10 each. While we
appreciate an order of this size, the terms and conditions
on page 233 of our catalog clearly specify that overseas
orders are accepted with full payment in advance, and with
an amount sufficient to cover shipping.

We are therefore returning your purchase order. Please
resubmit your order with either a sight draft, or an
irrevocable letter of credit. We anticipate shipping
charges to be in the neighborhood of $1.00 U.S. per flag

Thank you for your order. We look forward to serving
you in the near future.

Return of Product on Free Trial


Thank you for the opportunity to sample your (product) on
the 10 day free trial offer. While I found the (product)
to be satisfactory, (reason for not purchasing item).
As you will note, I am returning the product to you in its
original carton, per your request.

Thank you, again.

Return of Late Payment and Denial of Discount


Your check in the amount of $_________is being returned to
you because it has been made out for the wrong amount.

As we have explained previously, the 2% discount we offer
can only be applied when your payment is mailed within 10
days of delivery. By waiting beyond that period, you forego
the opportunity to deduct the discount from the amount of
your invoice.

Since your payment of the above referenced invoice was not
made within the specified time period, you are not entitled
to a discount on this order.

We are appreciative of your business and are most willing to
accommodate you in any way possible. Our policy, however, in
regard to open account terms, is strict, and in fairness to
all of our customers, must be even handed.

Please remit your check for the full amount of the invoice.
Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding.

Return of Check Missing Signature


We thank you for your check in the amount of $3650.
Our enthusiasm was somewhat dampened when we noticed
the absence of the authorized signature on the bottom
of the check.

Naturally, we presume this is a mere oversight and are
enclosing the check in question for your signature.
A postage paid envelope is provided herein for your

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Return Authorization


Your letter of (date) in which you described the
condition of the (item) you ordered from us has been
brought to my attention. We are very sorry that this
merchandise was damaged in transit.

Please return the damaged goods to us by placing the
original carton inside a slightly larger box and attaching
a copy of your letter to us on the outside of the package.
Upon receipt of the merchandise, we will immediately send
you a replacement and a check to reimburse you for the
extra shipping expense.

I am sorry for this inconvenience, but this procedure must
be followed for insurance purposes.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.