Guarantor Instrument


As inducement for you to approve and ship the captioned
entity’s order for (specify) and ancillary equipment,
________________________, hereinafter called the guarantor
agrees to guarantee payment of the (number) installments
of the (number) year conditional sales contract.

Guarantor acknowledges and agrees that it may receive a
substantial benefit from the said agreement between (name
of supplier) and (name of user).

By ______________________
Dated ______________________



FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby guarantee
absolutely and unconditionally prompt payment of the within
Note and agree to pay all cost of collection, legal expenses
and attorneys’ fees, incurred or paid by the holder of the
within Note in the collection and/or enforcement of said
Note and the enforcement of this Guaranty.

No renewal or extension of said Note, no release or
surrender of any security for said Note or this Guaranty,
no release of any person primarily or secondarily liable
on said Note (including any maker, endorser or guarantor),
no delay in the enforcement of payment of said Note or
this Guaranty and no delay or omission in exercising any
right or power under said Note on this Guaranty shall
affect the liability of any of the undersinged hereunder.
The undersigned expressly waives presentment, protest,
demand, notice of dishonor or default, notice of acceptance
of this Guaranty and notice of any kind with respect to said
Note or this Guaranty or the performance of the obligation
under said Note or Guaranty.