Complimentary Letter with Individual Commendation


Our “Talent Night in St. Petersburg” promotion was greeted
with a great deal of enthusiasm by the community, and I
want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your
encouragement and support.

As always, all of the staff at WQOL were extremely
cooperative. I must, however, single out one in particular
who worked exceptionally hard to make it the success it was.
This is Judith Blakely, who seems to have an unlimited
amount of energy and holds firmly to the conviction that if
it is worth doing, it is worth doing it right. It is fair
to say that without her help, this event would not have been
nearly as successful as it was.

We played to a full house.
What more is there to say!

We will be looking forward to a repeat performance. It has
been a joy working with your fine staff.

Complimentary Letter to Hotel


Our [name of event] that was held at your hotel
was extremely successful.

The compliments that I have received on your staff’s
courteousness and the excellent food that your chefs
prepared for the occasion have been numerous.

Thank you for helping to make our event a success.

Complimentary to Employee of Handling of Emergency


You are to be highly commended for the way that you handled
the emergency that occurred yesterday.

The paramedics have informed us that if you hadn’t acted as
quickly as you did, our customer’s attack might have been
fatal. Thanks to your fast reaction, she is already out of
intensive care and on the road to recovery.

We are very proud of your association with our organization.

Complimentary Letter to Employee on Handling of Difficulty


Several of your associates in the shipping department have
informed me of the incident that occurred last Friday with
a representative of Gene’s Tool Supplies. They have all
agreed that this driver hurled some extremely abusive
language at you and that his actions were unjustifiably
offensive. They also all agreed that you remained a
gentleman throughout the entire time, attempting to solve
the problem. I compliment you on your self-control, and
in handling the situation in such an exemplary manner. I
have placed a call to the owner of Gene’s Tools and fully
anticipate your receiving an apology from them.