Notification of Returned Merchandise Credit


Having received the merchandise you returned on (date)
we are pleased to advise you that we have credited your
account in the amount of $ (amount) If you would prefer
that we mail you our check for the full amount of the
refund, please advise us and we will be most happy to do so.

Notice to Terminate Tenancy-at-Will (by Tenant)

Date: _

To: _ (Landlord)

You are hereby notified that the undersigned shall
terminate its tenancy on the premises known as _, effective at
the end of the next month of the tenancy, beginning after this

We shall deliver possession at that time.


Notice to Terminate Tenancy-at-Will (by Landlord)

(By Landlord)

Date: _

To: _ (Tenant)

You are hereby notified to quit and vacate at the end of
the next month of your tenancy, beginning after this notice,
the premises now held by you as my tenant, said premises
described as:


Notice to Terminate AKA Account


This is to inform you that from this day forward, I am no
longer responsible for any debts incurred by (name) ,
a.k.a. (name) .

The above captioned account is currently held in my name.
In order to avoid any potential problems, I am requesting
that you close my current account and open a new account
solely in my name.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you
require my signature on any forms, please forward the
paperwork necessary to my office, and I will return it to
you promptly.

Notice to Suspend Deliveries and Request for Release


Your delivery of (description of goods) which was
received by us on (date) does not meet the
specifications as outlined in our contract of (date) .

Inasmuch as this merchandise does not meet our
requirements, we are hereby requesting that you suspend
any future deliveries as called for in our herein
referenced contract and release us from that certain

Due to our contractual commitments, we must supply our
customer with the appropriate goods within a specified
period of time which requires that we now proceed to make
our purchases from a different source.

We would appreciate receiving your release as soon as

Notice to Stop Goods In Transit


Date: _

To: _ (Common Carrier)

You are in receipt of certain goods in transit shipped by
us and scheduled for delivery to:


A copy of our shipping documents is enclosed.
You are hereby instructed to stop transit of said goods,
not make delivery to the consignee, and return said goods to
us. We agree to pay return freight charges.
No negotiable bill of lading or document of title has
been delivered to our customer (consignee).

Very truly,

Copy to: _ (Customer)

Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent


Date: _

To: _ (Tenant)

You are hereby notified to quit and deliver up the
premises you hold as our tenant namely: (Describe premises)


You are to deliver up said premises on or within _ days
of receipt of this notice.

This notice is provided due to non-payment of rent. The
present rent arrearage is in the amount of $_. You may redeem
your tenancy by full payment of said arrears within _ days.

Very truly,


Notice to Prior Secured Party of Purchase Money Security Interest

Date: _

To: _ (Prior Secured Parties)

This is to notify you that the undersigned has or expects
to acquire a purchase money security interest in and to the
following described collateral: (Describe)


Said collateral shall be sold to:
______________________________________ (Debtor).

Insofar as you have an existing security interest on record as against the same type collateral, this notice shall inform you of our priority claim to the property being sold.

Very truly,


Notice to Pay Rent or Quit


TO ___________________________, TENANT IN POSSESSION:

You are hereby required to pay the rent on the premises
herein described, of which you now hold possession, pursuant
to a written lease, amounting to $ , being the rent
now due to me by you for the period from , to ,
or you are hereby required to deliver up possession of the
premises, within THREE DAYS after service on you of this
notice, to the undersigned or the undersigned will institute
legal proceedings against you, to declare a forfeiture of
the lease under which you occupy said premises and to
recover possession thereof, with treble rents and damages.

The undersigned does (not) elect to terminate the lease
if the rent is not paid within three day.

The premises referred to are commonly known as:

(address, apartment number)
(city, state, zip code)

(Legal description may be inserted)

DATED: _______________

Notice to Exercise Lease Option

Date: _

To: _

Please be advised that the undersigned, as Lessee under a
certain lease under date of _, 19_, for premises known as _
does hereby exercise its option to extend or renew said lease
for the next option period commencing _, 19_.

Very truly,