Welcome to Our Family of Customers and Friends


Welcome to our valued family of customers and friends.
I noted that you recently placed your first order with our
company, and wanted to take this opportunity to extend a
warm thank you. I look forward to hearing more about your
account and offer the availability of my office should you
require any assistance.

Please accept my best wishes for your continued prosperity
and good health.

Welcome to New Tenants


It is our pleasure to welcome you as new tenants of
(name) Apartments.

We hope that you will avail yourselves of the amenities
that we offer including the swimming pool, sauna room,
gymnasium and tennis court.

We request that your guests use our guest parking area
in order to avoid any inconvenience to the other tenants.

Thank you for selecting the (name of apartment)
and we sincerely hope that you find your new home
comfortable and enjoyable. If we can be of any assistance
to you, please let us know.

Welcome New Customer


Thank you for your new account and your first order of

We are pleased in being able to provide you with this
sample of our quality products and look forward to our
relationship growing and flourishing.

We value the comments of our customers and upon receipt of
this order we hope you will share your thoughts with us.

Welcome Discount for New Enterprise


Please accept our congratulations and best wishes for your
success in your new enterprise.

Our purpose in writing this letter is to welcome you to the
community and familiarize you with our service.

We provide (service) to many small businesses in the
area and will be happy to arrange to have one of our sales
representatives call on you at your convenience, if you so

As our way of welcoming you, we have enclosed a certificate
which entitles you to a ten (10%) discount on your first
order placed with our firm.

We will look forward to seeing you.