Letter Accepting an Honor

When you receive a letter saying that you will be recognized as one of the recipients of a prestigious award, it is appropriate that you reply back through a formal letter. By doing this, it shows how thankful you are and how you appreciate t

he recognition. It also shows how you respect the organization who is giving you the award. This is the opportunity as well to clarify the details about the procedure and the event.

How do you now write a letter accepting an honor? Below are tips and sample statements that could serve as your guide.

1) Start your letter by thankfully accepting the award. You have to specify what kind of award you are accepting.

Sample statements:
I am deeply overwhelmed to learn that I was named as the Best Innovator Employee. I am honored to accept this recognition.

It is with a great pleasure and appreciation to accept the Centennial Literary Award from International Literary Organization for my autobiography book.

You may consider the following phrases:

  • With sincere appreciation
  • Am honored to accept this
  • to learn that
  • was surprised and delighted
  • when I heard that I was
  • with great pleasure
  • Will be an honor for me to

2) If it is indicated in the letter that there will be an award ceremony, you have to indicate in your acceptance letter if you have intentions of attending the said event. Confirm your attendance and clarify the details such as the venue, date, time, and attire. You may ask also if you need to prepare something like a speech or if you need to provide any details about yourself.

Sample sentences:

This is to inform you that my family and I are happy to confirm our attendance on the awarding ceremony to be held on December 20, 2010 at 7:00 pm. Kindly let me know if you need anything from me for the said event.

I will attend the awarding ceremony on December 20, 2010 at 6:00 pm with my family.

Here are sample phrases that you might consider:

  • plan to attend the
  • please let me know whether
  • regret that I will not be able to
  • wanted to let you know that
  • will be happy to
  • will be out of town
  • would like permission to thank

3) Close your letter by expressing how thankful you are for the honor.

Sample statements:

Thank you once again for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I really appreciate the honor you bestowed on me.

  • Below are sample phrases:
  • Grateful to receive such an honor
  • appreciate the recognition
  • for thinking of me
  • thank you for
  • this unexpected recognition

Sample note of acceptance

November 26, 2010

Dear Mr. Washington,


I really felt honored after reading your letter that I have been selected will and will be awarded for the Civil Service award. I appreciate your gesture in giving me this credit and acknowledging my contributions.

As instructed by your staff, Jane and I will accept this great award at the Yellowstone Grand Ballroom on December 20, 2010. I will provide your staff with all my personal details and brief biography within this week.

Again, I wish to let you know that this is unexpected and I am truly overwhelmed by this prestigious recognition. I wish to see you all on December 20.

Yours truly,

John Doe

Conversion of OPen Accounts to C.O.D


You are one of our most valued accounts and it is with deep regret that I must advise you of a change in your account credit status.

From now on, it will be necessary that a check accompany each order for merchandise from your firm. We must insist upon this until your account is brought up to date, at which
time we will reevaluate your open account status.

I know this will represent an inconvenience to you and I hope that this will not interfere with our long and profitable relationship.

We value your business and look forward to resolving this difficulty in the immediate future. If I may be of further assistance please call me at your convenience.

Acceptance of Resignation


It is with deep regret, that we accept your resignation

as [position] of the [organization]

We can appreciate the demands that this position has placed

on you, and appreciate all of the fine contributions you

have made as [position]


Acceptance of Purchase Security Agreement


Attached is an accepted copy of your Purchase Security

Agreement for the [specify equipment].

There are [number] remaining quarterly payments. Your

first quarterly payment will be due on [date] , and

we will mail you an invoice for it approximately one month

prior to that date. Please return the remittance portion

of the invoice with your check.

Under the Agreement, this contract is non-cancellable during

the term of the contract. The balance, however, can be paid

off at any time prior to the expiration of the contract.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our

appreciation for your business. If you have any questions

concerning your contract, or if we can be of service to you

in any way, please let us know.

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Acceptance of Order With Delivery in Lots



Date: _

To: _ [Customer]

We acknowledge acceptance of your order as per your order

of _, 19_. The goods will be shipped to you in the following

lots: [Specify lots and delivery schedule]


We request that payment be made as each lot is received.

Very truly,


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Acceptance of Counter Proposal


Your counter proposal on the above referenced project

has been reviewed and is acceptable in its entirety.

We are enclosing an executed copy of the agreement along

with two copies for your files.

We are enthusiastically looking forward to this project

and are pleased about having the opportunity to work


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