Application Letter for Employment in a Foreign Country

An application letter for temporary or permanent employment in a foreign country is a letter to assist in gaining employment. Most positions in a foreign country require a related degree and professional experience. Although in reality, most foreigners who seek employment in a foreign country don’t land a job related to their experience and educational background.

Most countries rely on the content of your resume that is why it’s good to make a good resume since there is no such thing as a perfect resume’. You have to include your accomplishments, work references, and your academic background. A successful application will not be complete if you do not have a cover letter for your resume. Here are some tips on how to construct a cover letter:

1) Do not use the phrase, “I want to experience international exposure.” This is an old age phrase and employers might have heard of this a thousand times.

2) Be straightforward but in a positive tone. Don’t be too arrogant in stating your key achievements. Your achievements might not be a big deal in some countries.

3) Make a research about the company you are applying with.

4) Be clear and brief. A one pager cover letter will do. Lengthy cover letters will make the reader stop reading.

5) Check your grammar, punctuation marks, and spelling. Let someone read your letter for evaluation.

Here’s an example of an application letter that can serve as your guide:


December 10, 2010

Human Resources Director
XYZ Dubai Lightings, Inc.
United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir or Ma’am:

I am writing to express my interest to join your company for an employment as Document Controller. I graduated from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. I have with me years of experience as information systems administrator of top companies such as Motor Philippines, Inc.

I am also confident that with my strong knowledge of modern word processing software, excellent computer skills, and project management tools will make me an asset to your organization.

For your reference, I have attached my resume for your review. Should you need further information, you can reach me at 632-1234-1234.

Thank you.

Juan Dela Cruz

Visa Employment Application Letter to a Foreign Country

One of the documents you need to prepare if you are exploring opportunities to work in a foreign country is to write a visa application. This is the proper way of asking permission to work and earn in a foreign country. In some countries, you have to formally request for a working visa. You have to prepare as well for the necessary requirements and supporting documents plus a polished visa application letter.

Your visa application letter must not contain unnecessary information. It must be straight forward, courteous and simple. It must be in a professional tone. Make sure that you keep your sentences short and simple. You may include as well some of your outstanding work achievements or what makes you suitable for the position. Keep in mind that you have to use positive language in your letter.

To avoid mistakes, you have to review your letter. Double check the details and information that you have indicated in your letter. Check if you have grammatical, typographical and spelling lapses. You have to show that you have a good command of the English language through your writing. Use words that are easily understandable by anyone and don’t show off how wide your vocabulary knowledge.

There are cases that if you took your internship in a foreign country, and they are planning to absorb you as a full time employee, they can arrange the visa for you.


December 10, 2010

Botswana Consulate
Immigration and Visa Section
123 Taft Avenue
New York, New York

Re: Application for temporary work visa

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

I would like to apply for a temporary work visa. I have a two-year job offer from The Washington Hotel in Gaborone, Botswana. I am planning to join the company as Marketing Manager this coming January 2011. The Washington Hotel found my educational background and experience suitable for the said position.

I can guarantee that I shall respect and follow the conditions that apply to temporary working residents.

I hope that you will grant me a work visa.

Thank you.

Steven Valley

Employment Reimbursement Agreement

The undersigned officer or employee of _ (Company), agrees
to repay to the Company all compensation payments or
reimbursements that are disallowed, in whole or in part, as a
deductible expense by the Internal Revenue Service. The
reimbursement shall be made to the full extent of the
disallowance upon an adverse decision of the last tribunal or
agency to consider the issue, provided the Company shall not be
obligated to seek further appeal if available.
Signed under seal this _ day of _, 19_.

Employment Letter

Date: _

To: _ (Employee)

Dear _:

We are pleased to confirm your being employed by our firm
in the capacity of _. You will report directly to _,
commencing with your start of employment on _, 19_.
Your salary shall be $_ per _. You will also be covered
by the standard group benefit plans and fringe benefits
explained to you. For the first year vacation time shall be
pro-rated, so you will be entitled to _ days vacation for this

If you agree, this letter sets for the our understanding,
please sign the enclosed copy and return for our files.
We look forward to your joining the company.

Very truly,

Employment Information Form


Employer_________________________ Telephone:_________________

Nature of business______________________________________________
Position to be filled___________________________________________
Employee qualifications_________________________________________
Number of employees needed______________________________________
Wages or salary $________________ per __________________________
Employment is _____temporary ______permanent
Hours ________ to _______
Days ___________ to __________

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Employment Agreement 2

EMPLOYEEMENT AGREEMENT by and between _ (Company), and _
For good consideration, Company shall employ and the
Employee agrees to be employed on the following terms:

Employment shall commence on _, 19_, time being
of the essence.

Employee agrees to perform the following duties:
(Describe general duties, or attach job description)

Employee shall also perform such further duties as are
incidental or implied from the foregoing, consistent with the
background, training and qualifications of Employee or may be
reasonably delegated as being in the best interests of the

The Employee shall devote full time to his employment
and expend best efforts on behalf of Company. Employee further
agrees to abide by all reasonable Company policies and
decisions now or hereinafter existing.

3. TERM:
The Employee’s employment shall continue for a period
of (_) years, beginning on the effective date of this
agreement and ending on _, 19_.

The Employee shall be paid the following compensation:
a) Annual Salary: $_, paid on the payroll schedule
existing for other employees.
b) Such bonuses, vacations, sick leave, retirement
benefits and expense accounts as stated in the
Company manual for other management personnel or as
may be decided by the Company if said items are
discretionary with the Company.

This agreement may be earlier terminated upon:
a) Death of Employee or illness or incapacity that
prevents Employee from substantially performing for
(_) continous months or in excess of (_) aggregate
working days in any calender year.
b) Breach of agreement by Employee.

a) Employee agrees to execute a non-compete agreeement
as annexed hereto.
b) Employee agrees to execute a confidential
information and invention assignment agreement as
annexed hereto.
c) This agreeement shall not be assignable by either
party, provided that upon any sale of the business
by Company, the Company may assign this agreement to
its successor or employee may terminate same.
d) In the event of any dispute under this agreement, it
shall be resolved through binding arbitration in
accordance with the rules of the American
Arbitration Association.
e) This constitutes the entire agreement between the
Any modification must be in writing.

Signed under seal this _ day of _, 19_.


Employment Agreement

Agreement made between (name of company) , located at
(address) , City of (city) , County of (county)
State of (state) , herein referred to as "Company",
and (name of employee) , of (address) , City of
(city) , County of (county) , State of (state)
herein referred to as "Employee".

Company hereby employs employee to perform such duties at
such times and in such manner as the company may from time
to time direct.

Employee agrees that he will perform those duties assigned
to him to the best of his ability, to maintain a current
and complete account of his work and expenses, to remit
promptly to the company any monies paid to him or coming
into his possession which belong to the company, to devote
his full and undivided time to the transaction of company
business and to refrain from being engaged in any other
business during the tenure of his employment with the

In consideration of the foregoing, company agrees to pay
to employee the amount of (amount) Dollars, ($ ), per
(period of time) plus reasonable travel expenses incurred
for the purpose of conducting company business.

This contract shall become effective on (date) and remain
in effect until it is terminated by either party. Either
party may terminate this agreement by providing the other
party with (number) day’s written notice of his or their
intention. Should this agreement be terminated by either
party, employee agrees that the payment in full to the
date of termination shall fully satisfy all claims against
the company under this agreement.

In witness whereof, the parties have executed this
agreement at (place of execution), on (date)