Certification of Satisfaction of Lien Form


Whereas, on [date] , [lienholder] caused a lien to
be filed for record in the office of [name of office] of
County, State of , which was duly
recorded in Volume , page , of , against
property owned by [owner] , of [address] , for
[description of work performed] by [name of lienholder],
the description of which is as follows:

Whereas, on [date] , [owner] fully satisfied the
indebtedness secured by said mechanic’s lien.

Therefore, in consideration of said payment, [lienholder]
hereby certifies that said lien is released and discharged,
and directs the County [name of office] to discharge of
record said lien.

Dated:______________________ _________________________

Certificate of Installation, Lease Equipment Form


The leased equipment in the Schedule of the lease between
_________________________________ has been installed and is
operational as of _____________.

Rental payments shall commence in accordance with Paragraph
[denote] hereof.

________________________ ___________________________
Installer Lessee
By______________________ By_________________________
Title___________________ Title______________________

Certificate of Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name Form

Certificate of Abandonment of Fictitious Business Name
General Form


The undersigned______________________[Individual or
Partnership or Corporation], certifies the following:

1. The undersigned, _______________, Individual or
Partnership or Corporation], ceased to use the fictitious
name of ____________ in transacting business in the State
of __________________._

2. The full [name or names] and [place or places]
of residence of the undersigned______________ [is, are] as

Or, if a corporation

2. The principal place of business of said corporation
in the State of ________________, is at__________________,
in the City of _______________,County of__________________.

3. The above mentioned fictitious name is hereby

Dated:_________________ ____________________________
[Signature or Signatures]