Request Acceptance Letter to Serve in an Honorary Position

Writing a letter on accepting a request to serve in an honorary position must have tone of politeness. It should show how you appreciate the opportunity given to you. This is also a chance for you to clarify what is expected from you. You have to make sure what are your tasks and responsibilities to prevent any misunderstandings in the future.

1) Cordially say that you are willing to serve and accept the post.

Sample sentences:
I am pleased for your kindness in requesting me to serve as an honorary board member of the Smith Company. I am happy to be part and serve your prestigious company.

Thank you for considering me to become an honorary member of the Washington Company.

I am honored to be considered as honorary president of the Smith Company.

2) Clarify and confirm your honorary position.

Sample statements:
Due to my other commitments, I would appreciate if you could enumerate what are my responsibilities as honorary member of John Doe Company.

The way I understand from your letter, I will only attend to video conference monthly meetings and not the weekly meetings.

I am pleased to accept the honorary position. Based from your letter, the organization is not requesting me to travel frequently.

3) Show your concern, your interest and support for all the activities and goals of the institution.

Sample sentences:
I am very much interested to the aspirations of your organization and I would like to get more information on your activities for the past years.

Since I will be part of your organization, may I request you to send me more articles and literature for my guidance.

4) Express in your letter your wish for the organization’s success in all its projects.

Sample sentences:
Please accept my best wishes for the success of the organization.

The organization deserves all the success it has been receiving.

Congratulations to your continued success and wish you all the best.

Below is a sample letter of acceptance to serve.


November 26, 2010

James Smith
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for the letter you sent me. I am really surprised and delighted to accept the honorary position as a board member of your organization. Ever since, I believe in your organization’s advocacy, I am very must interested to take part and give my support. To show you my enthusiasm and support, I will be reviewing the literature you sent me and will discuss with you in our next meeting my suggestions.

I hope all the efforts of the organization will continue to benefit the community.


Jonathan Doe

Letter of Confirmation for a Telephone Request

Confirm a telephone request to transfer money, cancel and replace a stolen credit card, or stop payment on a check.

Request by clients regarding these types of requests from banks usually require a written confirmation to back up the telephone conversation. In this letter, the client/customer is responding to such a request in a more formal manner.

These types of letters should be short and brief.

You must always remember to include in the letter important and necessary information such as the account name and account number.

Making sure that you clearly identify your request in the letter what has transpired in the telephone conversation you made: when the telephone request was made and, if possible, to whom.


Confirm Request to Transfer Money

Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

I am writing to confirm the request to Transfer Money I have made to your bank through a telephone call, last April 23, to make the transfer from my account (insert account number) to the following account:

(Insert account name)
(Insert account number)

Kindly notify me as soon as the request and transfer of funds had been confirmed and done. Thank you for making an immediate action.

Name of Sender

Confirm Request to Cancel and Replace a Stolen Credit Card


Name of Addressee

Re: Account Number (Insert Account Number)

Dear (Sir/Madame):

This letter confirms the request that I have made to your customer assistant Jane over the phone on April 23 regarding the cancellation of my stolen credit card. It should reflect on my credit report that the account was closed as per my request.
In connection with this, may I request a replacement for the reported lost credit card?

Please notify me once my account has been closed and keep me updated on my request for replacement of a new credit card for my account as soon as possible.

Name of Sender

Confirm Request to Stop Payment on a Check


Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

This is to confirm my verbal/oral request made on April 23 to stop payment on (insert check number), dated (insert date) with the amount of (insert amount).

Enclosed is my payment of (insert amount) to stop the payment on this item.

Thank you very much for your immediate response.


Name of Sender


Date: _

To: _ (Employer)

I hereby tender my resignation from the firm effective _,
At that time I shall deliver all property of the firm in
my possession.

Very truly,


Request to Locate Former Employee


For some time I have been unsuccessfully attempting to
locate an individual who was previously in your employ.

His name is (name of individual) and I have been
informed that he worked for you during (time period)
If you know his current whereabouts, I would appreciate
your either informing me of same or forwarding this
letter to him.

Thank you very much for your help in this matter.

Request to Include Landlord in Tenant’s Liability Insurance


In case you have not had an opportunity to read through
the Master Lease, please note that there is an insurance
clause that requires the tenant to carry public liability
insurance of $000,000/$0,000,000 and property damage
insurance of $000,000. The landlord, (name),
must be named as additional insured.

Inasmuch as we are sub-leasing these offices to you, please
have (name) named also, and ask your agent
to send us a notice to that effect.

Thank you very much.

Request to Contact Credit Manager on Past Due Account


Our two firms have been doing business together for a long
time. Perhaps that is why we cannot understand why you
haven’t responded to any of our reminders advising you that
your account has fallen seriously behind.

We are here to listen if you are experiencing a problem and
we are most anxious to maintain the goodwill that we have
shared for so many years.

We will not even request your payment in this letter, but
merely urge you to contact our credit manager.

Let us hear from you soon.

Request to Bank for Extension of Time


My next (specify) payment will be due on

Due to an unexpected emergency that has occurred, I will
be unable to make this payment by the (date) I am
requesting an extension of (time) to make this payment.

If you review my file, I believe you will find that my
payments have generally been made in a timely fashion.
My relationship with your bank is very important to me,
as well as my desire to maintain a good credit rating.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this request.

Request for Wholesale Price List


Your advertisement in the (month) issue of (name
of periodical) magazine is of great interest to us.

We would like to know more about the products your firm
offers and would appreciate receiving your wholesale price
list and information regarding terms and ordering policy.

It is our desire to offer our customers the widest selection
possible of (type of product) , and we are therefore
always interested in new products that fall within that area.

We will look forward to your prompt response. Thank you.

Request for Warranty Repair


The watch that is within this parcel was purchased on
November 2, 1986, and is under warranty. The problem
that I am encountering is that the watch fails to keep
accurate time. It seems to gain approximately five
minutes per hour.

Please make any adjustments necessary, and return to the
above address as soon as possible.

Request for Verification of Receivable During Audit


In connection with an examination of our financial
statements by (name of accounting firm), Certified
Public Accountants, (address)(city)(state)(zip)
we will appreciate it if you will indicate the
correctness of the following information.

Our records indicate that, at the close of business on
(date) , the amount payable on your account was $ .

Please sign the confirmation form in the space provided
below if this amount agrees with your records. If it
does not agree, do not sign below but explain and sign
on the reverse side. Please return this form directly
to our accountants in the enclosed envelope.