Appreciation Letter for Suggestion Made by Employee

Getting suggestions are a good way to improve the quality of products and services of businesses. An employer will appreciate it more if it is given by a concerned employee. Nothing is even more flattering than by giving your appreciation for the suggestion.

An Appreciation letter is also considered as a thank you letter. It is very ethical to thank the person who has helped you to have more improvements in the company. You can also send these letters to your valued customers. This letter could will definitely make the person smile and be more loyal to the company.

When you are making this type of letter, make sure that you must give your ways to implement this idea. Make it short but very friendly and positive. You can also assure the reader that after some time, he will see the results of his suggestions. Make the letter sound like the suggestion is a very smart idea. Express your appreciation as much as you can without sounding like a broken record.

Here is a sample letter to accept and express appreciation for a suggestion:


February 27, 2010

Lessie Benningfield
1728 Wyatt Street
Boca Raton, FL 33434

Dear Ms. Benningfield,

As the representative of the company, I thank you for your wonderful suggestions in regard to the packaging appearance on our food products. I have planned a meeting with our top advertisers and sales heads to implement the new design covers and packaging.

We are also considering the increase in single food servings but with the same price. It will surely help to grow the business and give more satisfaction ratings from the customers.

Rest assured that you will be able to see the new packaging after one year. Our fast foods all over the country will surely have more distinctive features from the other fast food competitors. We are delighted to see our customers happy about our new dishes and products.

Again, thank you very much for your wonderful suggestions. If you have other suggestions and concerns, feel free to contact me at 732-761-4660 or at loriflanagan@zetachicken.com.

Truly yours,

Lori Flanagan
Zeta Chicken Food Corporation

Apology Letter to an Employee or Employees

When writing an apology letter to an employee or employees, it is important to remember that you are still in charge. But at the same time, you have an opportunity to earn their respect by being humble, specially, if you are in the wrong.

Speak from the heart if you can, express humility, and a resolve to be a better listener.

Below is an example letter of apology to your employee:


December 5, 2010

John Smythe
ACME Company
987 Business Center Circle
Juneau, Alaska 99876

Michelle Thompson
Production Manager
ACME Company
987 Business Center Circle
Juneau, Alaska 99876

Dear Miss Thompson,

I would like to extend my sincere apology to you for the way I treated you during the company ball. I know I was very arrogant during that time. I guess I had too much wine in my system. My position as the manager of the company does not justify my actions for which reason I beg your kind forgiveness and hearty consideration on this matter. I know that the pain, anxiety and humiliation that you have suffered due to my ignorance cannot be compensated. It is with deep regret that I have done such act and I am so sorry for it.

Your forgiveness will help me forgive myself too. I hope we could bring back the old friendship we had. I surely miss it. I know that every establishment needs a healthy working relationship between employees and management. There are many working relationships which exist within an organisation and how effective these relationships are can play a significant role in dictating the overall effectiveness of the business.

Working relationships can mean those between those between a manager and his workforce and those between colleagues in each department. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, there are a number of key factors which can determine whether these relationships are healthy, productive ones or whether they will have a detrimental effect on the business. It is generally accepted that a happier workforce, one where good relationships are in place, is a more productive workforce. Good relationships are built on a culture of cooperation where each individual is working towards the achievement of shared aims and objectives.

Good working relationships are rooted in respect. I am so sorry I failed to exercise that. I would like to gain back your respect and trust towards me as your manager. I know that it is impossible to build up a relationship with someone unless you have a good understanding of that person’s character and to accept these even if they differ from your own.

This can lead to mutual respect and understanding being established and is a key factor in developing a good working relationship. I sure want to have a good working relationship with you. I hope you can find in your heart to forgive me for my shortcomings.

John Smythe
Human Resources Director

Announcement Letter of Appointment of Employee to New Position

It is important to announce to the entire organization of an appointment of an employee to a new position. It could be a new employee who just joined the company or a person who was promoted in a new post.

Announcing this to the entire organization shows how you welcome, recognize and give support to the person. It is a way as well that you asks all the employees to do the same thing.

It can be done through making a memorandum that the employees can read and refer to.

1) Use positive tone when you give the importance and extent of the appointment of an employee to a new position. If he replaces someone who did not perform well, do not state any negative things about the person who previously handled the position.

2) The mood of the memo should show your enthusiasm and congratulatory. It should express how confident you are in the abilities of the employees that he can do the job.

3) It should contain the qualifications of the person in order to let the reader know that the new person for the post is indeed competent and qualified.

4) Proofread your work. There should be no punctuation, spelling or grammatical errors.

5) Make sure to provide details that are accurate and complete.

6) Construct a memo that can be easily understood by the employees. It should be concise and brief.

7) Highlight in your memo the key accomplishments and the previous position of the person.

To better guide you on how to construct this type of memo – announcing the appointment of an employee to a new position.


December 8, 2010


Managing Director – General and Administrative Services
Washington Medical Center

SUBJECT: New Business Development Manager

We are delighted to share with you that we have a new Business Development Director for our New Business Development Team who joined our company. Mr. John Doe has accepted the position effective December 10, 2010. John comes to our company with a vast and wealth of experience in the field of developing and creating new businesses.

He was previously the Business Development Director of St. Gabriel’s Medical Hospital. His primary roles were to create business opportunities for the institution and to lead the Business Development Managers and Supervisors. He was also in-charge of constantly monitoring the performance of his team. John was also tasked to prepare all financial projections, review and make profitability reports, and to analyze the market trends of the hospital. He also helped in conceptualizing projects and programs of the sales and marketing team.

We are indeed excited to welcome John that he decided to join the company. I would like to invite everyone to join the management team in welcoming John to the Center in his position.

Thank you.

Announcement Letter of Bad News to Employees

It is really difficult to announce a bad news to your employees. Example is when the company will not be able to give the bonus that they promised.

Executives and managers find it hard to break the news that employees will no longer be receiving their yearly bonus.

Management must lay their cards on the table. It means that there must be a really good reason for the bonus not to be given to the employees. Such reason must be explained thoroughly.

It would be best to right a letter to your employees stating the bad news and the explanation for such news.

Below is an example of how to announce the bad news to your employees through a letter.


December 20, 2009

Alpha-Omega Corporation
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

To all employees:

The existing global crisis is really a tough problem that we have to face. You very well know that our country is experiencing recession right now. Our government is doing everything to fix this problem. We can expect more tough times ahead. Unemployment is likely to remain high, due to many business closures. The situation at the financial market is still unstable. During the crisis period millions of people have been recessed and some professions have become not required at all. The global recession is not only happening here in the United States. Europe is experiencing the same problem.

We should not despair because crisis is a normal thing in the life of people. There is hardly one of us who cannot remember some situation that has thrown him from the measured and stable current of life into an uneasy and anxious situation which is unexpected. Anyway, critical circumstances require to revise the past positions and to develop a strategy in order to reach our new goals.

In this connection, the company cannot give you the bonus that you are expecting for the yearend. The company is experiencing difficulty in its sales output. We have no choice but to cut down expenses for the meantime. Please bear with the company. The management is doing everything to prevent the business from closing. Please join us in saving this company and hope for a better future.

Benjamin Long

Human Resources Director

Letter to Announce Employee Achievement

Do you want to showcase the achievement of your employee to the entire company? You may want to grab the opportunity by writing a letter announcing a certain employee’s achievement. This is the great time to build good relationship and goodwill between employees and management.

This is one of the ways on acknowledging the performance of an employee. Companies might have numerous ways such as giving monetary bonuses or some other type of reward. But an announcement is the best way of improving the morale of the employees and creates a positive atmosphere within the company.

When you write a letter announcing an employee’s achievement, keep your sentences concise and short. Enumerate the facts clearly and use simple words only in order for your employees to understand. Make your employees feel through your statements that they are truly an asset of the organization. Employees should see and feel that they are valuable in the company. Make genuine and not just flowery statements.

It cannot be equated to money or with any material things. Once the management shows interest in the lives of their employees, they will feel they are taken care of and they are of great value for the company. Here’s a sample of a letter announcing an employee’s achievement.


November 25, 2010

Alpha-Omega Corporation
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

Dear Team:


I would like to invite everyone to congratulate Jane Smith for a very terrific achievement!

She has successfully led the Business Development Team in closing a major partnership with a foreign investor. She was able to present with flying colors the business proposal that her team has prepared. Jane presented real time facts very impressive analysis and thorough recommendations. Her output was excellent and has exceeded the expectations of our foreign investor.

The management team would like to encourage everyone to follow her as an example. We are dependent on you, our employees. Your output are the reasons why our company is here. We are looking forward for more people like Jane – those who share their skills, knowledge and talents to the company.

Again, congratulations to Jane. We are truly thankful to have you here in our company and those who will be following your footsteps.


John Doe

Announcement Letter of Employee Training

Any company should make sure that all the planned activities must be announced to the concerned people homework help websites before hand whether it is an informal or formal event. If it is a formal or an important event, a proper announcement in the form of poster or letter is required. Most companies send announcement through emails and no longer use bulletin boards.

Announcement should be concise and clear to any reader in order to get immediately the information that has to be relayed. Use simple words only. Make it complete as well so that you will not be bombarded with questions that will take too much of your time in answering same questions.

For instance, you are to announce an employee training session that there will be a new computer system that the company will be using. It is important to state the importance and details of the training session. Here’s a sample letter to assist you.


November 25, 2010

Information Computer Technology Group
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

Dear Staff Members:

Good day.

Information Computer Technology Group (ICTG) scheduled a series of employee training sessions as suggested by the President. All departments are required to attend.

The company has invested in new software to be installed in each computer unit. The software will help everyone to work efficiently and effectively. The training session will be beneficial and worthwhile for our company to be updated with the current trend of the industry. Below is the schedule of the training sessions.

Kindly review the attached schedule that is specific to your department. Should you have questions with the schedule, kindly contact the ICTG helpdesk at 123-456-789 local 123 or email helpdesk@company.com.

Date: December 1-3, 2010, Wednesday-Friday
Time: 8:00-5:00 pm
Venue: AVR conference hall
* Snacks and lunch will be served.

May we request for all supervisors and managers to confirm the attendance of their department before November 30, 2010.

Thank you for your attention.


Julius Salt


Take note that the letter is simple and short. It includes all the pertinent details of the training sessions. It is vital also for the person announcing to state the significance of the training. If you have this kind of letter, most probably your training sessions will be successful.

Announcement Letter of Office or Store Closure to Employees

After a heartbreaking decision to close your office, it is time to make an announcement especially to your employees. It can be done through an announcement letter. An announcement letter should be written concisely and straight forward. It contains

important information that that the reader has to know easily and quickly.

You have to select your words properly and you have to state the facts. To announce an office or store closing to employees is bad news. It should contain no-nonsense statement and must show understanding and project optimism. This kind of letter connotes sadness to the employees.

However, it should express gratitude and concern to all devoted and loyal employees. Below is a sample letter on how to announce an office or store closing to employees.


November 25, 2010

NotNow Corporation
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, SD 10987

Dear NotNow Team Members:

Due to the economic turndown, we regret to inform you that our company will be closing down on December 31, 2010. This decision is no way a reflection of your individual performance. You have been an asset to the company in all the challenges we have faced, and the management team are very grateful for that.

Our Accounting department prepared a separation package for all. A separate detailed announcement on the computation package formula will be released by the Accounting Head today. I would like to invite everyone as well for a general assembly at 2:00 pm in the afternoon to discuss all your concerns regarding this matter.

Indeed, it was a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you for all he wonderful years we’ve spent together in this company.


John Smith


The above announcement letter is a suggested initial step for you to announce that your business is closing down. Make sure that once you released this announcement, you have carefully prepared your answers for all the probable questions that might be raised. Don’t disclose information to outsiders especially to media before your people.

Remember that one of the most important stakeholders in your company is your employees who deserve to be respected and treated humanely. Clear whatever rumors or issues that have been spreading in the organization.

This kind of announcement is probably the most hard to accept hear and accept on the part of the employees. To make it easier to your employees, offer suggestions and help. This is the only way you can repay for their dedication and loyalty to the company.

Employee Suggestion for Company Meeting



There is such a high degree of anxiety about the proposed
merger with (name of firm) that I can see the
effects in my department daily. I do not feel that the
newsletter put out last week helped asuage the fears of
the other employees.

I believe that it might be beneficial to meet the issue
head-on by holding a meeting wherein questions can be put
forth and answers can be provided.

There is a schism between employees and management that
appears to be growing and presents a potential problem.
If, for example, this merger fails to materialize, the
employees may maintain their current feelings of
alienation to the detriment of the organization.

I know that there are many inherent problems in hashing
this subject out in an open forum and these must be
weighed against the present alternative. I do feel,
however, that the suggestion is worth some consideration.

Employee Photo and Recording Release


In consideration of my employment with the (name of firm) ,
("Company") and as part of the services being furnished by
me to said Company, I hereby give my consent to the
photographing of myself and to the recording of my voice.
The Company is hereby authorized to use or cause to be used
said still photographs or motion picture footage, recordings
of my voice and my name for advertising, publicity,
commercial or other business purposes. Said photographs
and/or recordings may be used singualarly or in conjunction
with other photographs and/or recordings.

The Company has my authorization to reproduce, or cause to
be reproduced and used such photographs and voice
recordings. The same may be exhibited in all domestic and
foreign markets. I understand that others may use and/or
reproduce said photographs and/or recordings with or without
the Company’s consent.

I hereby release the Company, any of its associated or
affiliated companies, their directors, officers, agents,
employees, customers and the Company’s appointed advertising
agencies, officers, directors, agents and employees, from all
claims of any kind on account of such use.

Witness:______________________ ___________________
Date ___________________

Employee Non-Compete Agreement (Specific Radius)

FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, and in consideration of my being
employed by _ (Company), I, the undersigned, hereby agree that
upon my termination of employment and notwithstanding the cause
of termination, I shall not compete with the business of the
Company, or its successors or assigns.

The term "not compete" as used in this agreement means
that I shall not directly or indirectly, as an owner, officer,
director, employee, consultant, or stockholder, engage in a
business substantially similar or competitive to the business
of the company.

This non-compete agreement shall extend only for a radius
of _ miles from the present location of the Company, and shall
be in full force and effect for _ years, commencing with the
date of employment termination.

Signed under seal this _ day of _, 19_.