You are to be commended for the manner in which you
handled the unfortunate incident which led to removing
Fortrinall from the market.

While the reports that I have read all indicated that
there was no definite proof that the taking of Fortrinall
may have resulted in her present condition, the fact that
you acted so quickly shows that your first concern is with
the health and well being of the public.

As a consumer, I would like to express my appreciation for
your integrity and once again commend you for the fine
manner in which you handled this incident.

Commendation On Good Suggestion


Your suggestion that we recycle the trims from our vinyl
production has been analyzed and found to be an extremely
viable idea.

This recycling process, which will be implemented in six to
eight weeks from now, will result in direct savings to our
firm. We commend you for your inventiveness!

Please accept our congratulations on the adoption of your
recommendation and our thanks for your enthusiastic attitude.

Commendation and Refusal of Request for Raise


This is to acknowledge your letter of [date]
You are definitely to be commended for your progress
during the past two months.

I do believe, however, that your recent request for a
raise is premature. I would suggest that it would be
more appropriate to discuss a salary increase after you
have worked here for six months. If you continue on
the same path, I am certain that your timely request
will be given careful consideration.

You are doing a fine job, keep up the good work!