Letter of Confirmation for a Meeting, Appointment or Interview

Confirming an appointment, meeting or interview might be in a form of an actual letter or email. Your letter should include your acknowledgement of the sender’s request for a meeting, finalized the venue, the date, expected attendees and agenda of the meeting. It must be brief but the details should be complete. Make sure that the details are correct. If there are agreements that you have to give in your response, this is the avenue to clarify the terms before the meeting.

You have to send your response within a few days after receiving the letter. It would be rude to reply if it’s more than one week already. If the meeting involves other people, make sure to furnish them a copy regarding the current events.

If the letter to be given is not within the company, it should be in a letter format and use the letterhead of the company even if it will be sent through email. Your reply should be formal, businesslike, in a positive tone, and in a straightforward manner.

Formal letter doesn’t mean you have to use very academic words. Remove unnecessary details and do not beat around the bush. Your letter should project a professional image by checking if there are misspelled words, grammatical errors or even the tiny details like the date. Review your letter before you send it.

Below is a sample confirmation letter that can serve as your template:


December 10, 2010

Mr. John Smith
Design Group
123 Mitchell South, Suite 110
Los Angeles, California 90001

Dear John,

Hope this note finds you well.

As discussed during our telephone conversation yesterday, I am writing to confirm our meeting on December 15, at 9:30 a.m. at the Bowe Corporate Office located at the 19th Floor of Tower One, Mall of Asia Complex, Honolulu, Hawaii. Theodore Nugent, our Marketing Manager, will be joining us.

Should you need more information, kindly call Mary, our administrative assistant, at 632-555-0106. Or if there will be changes in the date, time or venue, do inform us. I am very confident and optimistic that this meeting will be a success.

Thank you.


Juan dela Cruz
Vice President for External Affairs
MS Group of Companies

Travel Arrangements or Itinerary Confirmation Letter

The traveler or the arranger of a travel package or itinerary usually writes this letter. This letter’s objective is to confirm travel arrangements or itinerary made by a customer. Pertinent details of the travel plan should be specifically written in this letter.

This letter should be written business-like, concise, brief, and positive. In the letter, include specific requests or clarifications that you may have.

Since this correspondence deals with the confirmation of a customer or clients’ reservation or registration, it is important to repeat the details.

In doing so, the recipient or reader can respond properly, avoiding conflicts and potential misunderstandings.


A. Letter from Traveler:


Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

This is in response to the reservation I made last month. I am confirming my booking for a 5-day cruise vacation to Mexico. Please also note that we prefer to start traveling early in the morning because of the children.

I would also like to clarify the itinerary you have sent us. Could possibly I request that you change a few things and include in the itinerary for a local restaurant and cultural museums tour while we stop on one of the cities?

Please proceed with the final bookings and confirm as soon as possible with my additional requests.
Your assistance is highly appreciated. Thank you!

Name of Sender

B. Letter from Travel Agent:


Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

This is to confirm your reservations to a 5-day cruise for a family of 4, with two children for your vacation in Mexico. We are delighted that you have chosen our company to arrange your travel package.

As you have requested, we made the necessary changes in the itinerary to include a restaurant and museum tour while you are touring the city on the third day.

However, we regret to inform you that we cannot accommodate your request to leave by early morning since the only available schedule will leave after lunchtime.

Attached herewith, are the copies of the itinerary and details of your cruise accommodation.
Thank you very much for your continued patronage. We are pleased to be part of your memorable vacation experience. If you need any more assistance, please feel free to contact me.


Name of Sender

Letter of Confirmation of Reservation or Registration

It is important to be brief, accurate, prompt, and polite when writing a letter confirming a registration or reservation. Never forget to include important details regarding the reservation.

To avoid any misunderstanding between two parties, the details should be repeated or reiterated to convey clarification.

There are two kinds of letters in this section:

1) written by the client/customer, and

2) written by the business, or organizer.

These letters answer each other with regards to both parties concerns. It talks and repeatedly confirms and clarifies the reservation or registration made by the customer.


A. Letter from Customer:


Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

I have read your invitation for the Developmental Training in Management Program scheduled on June16-17. I am very much interested in participating in the training and so I would like to confirm my registration to the program.

I will pay the necessary fees for the said activity as soon as I receive confirmation from your office of my slot in the event.

Thank you very much.


Name of Sender

B. Letter from Business or Organizer:


Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

This is in response to your letter confirming your registration dated, (insert date), regarding your interest in joining our Developmental Training in Management Program. It is my pleasure to inform you that there is an available slot that can accommodate you for the June 6-17 schedule. It is to our delight to inform you that we have included you in the list of participants.

The payment details for the training are attached in this letter. To confirm your slot in the program, please deposit the amount on or before June 6. If in the event you fail to make the deposit on the said date, we will assume that you are no longer interested and that you are giving up your slot.

For any queries, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much for your interest.


Name of Sender
viagr a pfizer

Attendance Confirmation Letter as Speaker or Special Guest

It is advisable that you make follow-ups through correspondence, if in an event you’ll be invited to be a speaker or special guest. Writing a letter to confirm your own attendance as a speaker or special guest helps you reiterate the details of the event as you understand them.

The importance of reiteration of details helps you clarify things that may have been left unnoticed or misunderstood.
This type of letter should be straight-forward. Since this is a response to a previous communication, one may opt to be less formal with the tone.

Also, be sure to write with enthusiasm, let them know your interest and show it in your letter. Convey your appreciation to the inviter for having been invited as a speaker or special guest.



Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

I am writing to you to confirm attendance to your event/program, (Title of Event). It is to my understanding that this will be on (date of event) and will be held on the (place of event). From our previous discussion in our meeting, you have scheduled me to present some DIY arts and crafts at (time of event). As I have requested, please include the following materials, and equipment for my demo:

(List of materials and equipments)

I have attached all the types of art and craft that will be used in the demo as per your request. Please feel free to make copies for the participants.

I cannot express how I deeply appreciate that you have chosen me as one of your guests in your event. I look forward to making my favorite crafts that can be useful for starting a small business industry and sharing this knowledge to all of you, especially the audience/participants.


Name of Sender

Letter of Confirmation of a Speaker or Special Guest's Attendance

Since this letter is a result or response to an invitation or from a previous contact, this may be written with a personal tone.

However, you may want to repeat the important details in the received conformation letter of your attendance as guest to avoid or clarify any information for the event.



Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

Thank you for supporting our cause by accepting our invitation to be one of the honorary speakers on our symposium, “Give Green a Chance” which will be held on March 22 at the City Convention and Event Hall. Your presentation, “The Importance of Bringing Your Own Bag When Shopping,” is scheduled to begin at 3:00 in the afternoon.

As we have agreed upon, you will be given 30 minutes for your presentation, will be followed by a 10-minute period for audiences’ participation/questions.

The objectives of the symposium are:

(List of objectives)

The audience of this symposium will be composed of green activists and student from different schools in the city. The expected demographics are aged 18 and above. We expect about 500 participants to attend this symposium.

As a form of our gratitude for your time and expertise, we will cover your travel and food expenses. Enclosed is an expense reimbursement form with the copy of terms of agreement regarding expense claims.

If you have any more queries or clarifications, please feel free to contact me. Again, we thank you for your support. We are delighted and honored for your participation.


Name of Sender

Letter of Confirmation on Oral Agreement

Sometimes when you are looking for a job or in a corporate meeting, an executive will promise you new work or relocation. Knowing that somebody on a higher level will look after your career lessens your worries, however saying it verbally is not enough. An oral agreement can easily be forgotten. That is why you have to confirm an oral agreement through a formal letter.

A confirmation letter is a formal corporate letter to remind the person about an agreement. It is also used to acknowledge the terms that you both agreed on. State the terms as far as you remembered and allow the person to notify you if there is something needs to be revised.

Attach documents if it is necessary. Be precise and straightforward in making your letter and put it in a clean paper and envelope.

Here is an example of a supplier’s letter of confirmation of an oral agreement:


January 5, 2009

John Hall
President, Poe Machine Enterprises
1563 Poe Lane
Kansas City, KS 66101

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to confirm our conversation over the phone last December 29, 2008. According to our conversation, I will be the main office supplier of your company effectively on January 12, 2009. It will be providing you with carbon papers, staplers, pencils, point pens, paper clips and envelops. Every month, you have to pay me the amount of the supplies that you will request.

If this agreement is not of your understanding, feel free to contact me. You can call me at my office phone number at 401-309-5323 from 8:00am – 6:00pm or email me at You can also send me a post letter with the address on this envelops.

Thank you and I am looking forward to have business with you.


Oscar Sellers
Diamond Papers Inc.

Letter of Confirmation of an Order

Buying goods online is a good way to save time. But sometimes, if you haven’t received your order within the specified shipping date, you need to make contact with the seller to confirm an order you made through a letter.

An Order Confirmation

Letter is a good memo to inform the store about your late order. It is a good tangible evidence when you only made the transaction by phone or on an online payment form.

To write this letter, you must be accurate in detailing your orders. You can also put the specifications of the product if you asked for a customized order or state the special discounts and coupons you are using if applicable.

Here is a following example letter to confirm an order that you have made:


March 13, 2010

Roy Norman
Direct Seller
2399 Melm Street
Providence, MI 02903

Dear Sir,

This letter is to confirm my order for the following: Samsung LCD TV 21” screen, Ipad and PlayStation 3 priced at $300, $700 and $400 respectively, for a total of $1400. I placed the order on March 5 through an online payment form from your site. The confirmation email says that I will receive the following items after three days but until now I haven’t received any. I have attached a printout of the confirmation email for further proof.

I am expecting for your immediate action. These are to be delivered to 2328 Florence Street, Dallas TX. I am also expecting to receive a discount of 10% of the total value as stated on the late shipment discount on your website.

If you have further questions, please call me at my home number at 420-481-5312 or email at Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,

Bertha Toribio

Letter of Confirmation for an Appointment

Have you been invited to an interview or an appointment? Isn’t it nice to grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show off your creative skills? But it will be much better if you have tangible proof that you are indeed included in the scheduled meeting.

If you have been invited, don’t hesitate to send them a Confirmation Letter.

If you have been invited to an interview or a meeting, it is courteous to send the person a confirmation. It will not only be used to confirm the appointment, meeting or interview, but also to let him know that you understood the details of your meeting fully.

The letter should be in a formal and direct tone. It also has to be brief because unnecessary words would make the reader uninterested. Check the letter’s punctuation marks and grammar before you submit it. You can easily put it in a clean sheet of paper and envelop or send it by email (make sure that it is formatted).

If you are writing this letter to your close colleagues, you don’t need to be very formal. A simple friendly tone is fine if you are having an informal appointment.

Here is a following sampleletter on a formal meeting confirmation:


October 15, 2009

Mr. Tommy Brown
Creative Department Head
Maternity Consultant Corporation
4294 Boone Crockett Lane
Port Angeles, WA 38362

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am looking forward to seeing you on October 18, 10:00 am at our office at Port Angeles to discuss about the marketing plans on our latest dress designs. Our Sales Department Head, Georgia Miller, and Senior Manager, James Thomas, will be joining the meeting.

If you need to reschedule our meeting, please do call Mary, my secretary, at 765-555-3651. Until then, I will be looking forward to see you at the meeting.

Yours Sincerely,

Harry Wall
Maternity Consultant Corporation

Letter to Confirm a Directive or Decision Given

Sometimes, an employer or top employee needs to take a decision that will change the company management. It is either the company needs to amend the benefits of an employer or change the operation time; or an employee wishes to resign his current job.

It is best to put all of these decisions in writing for letter reference. That is why someone has to confirm a directive or decision.

This confirmation letter is used to ensure that the stated decisions are of the whole company’s understanding. It is also used to give the person some important paper works for the decision to be effective. The letter must be in a formal tone and states the directive clearly and effectively.

Here is a sample letter to confirm a manager’s decision to leave:


June 11, 2010

Grace Vannatter
674 Brooklyn Drive
Beaumont, Texas 77701

Dear Grace:

I am writing this letter to verify your resignation as the IT Department Head effectively on June 30, 2010. You have stated yesterday in our meeting that you want to live as a housewife and live a stress-free life.

Attached to this letter are the documents and instructions to get your separation pay and your last month salary. Evaluation sheets are also included for you to evaluate your IT Assistants who are Donald Ybarra, Sara Tracy, Andrew Hafer, and Sharon Collins. Your evaluation sheets will be the company’s guideline to select the assistant to be promoted to your position.

I would like to grab this opportunity to thank you for the time and effort that you have given to the company. We are proud to say that our company has prospered because of you. As a representative of the CProq Analyst Ltd., I give you best wishes on your chosen path and to all of the good things to come in your way in the future.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me at 925-827-8714 or at

Truly yours,
Shakia Starr
Human Resource Department
CProq Analyst Ltd.

Letter to Confirm Authorization

There are times when you can’t attend to your formal commitments personally. There may be different factors such as an illness, being on a vacation, or having moved to another address. In this case, you must give authorization to someone you know to attend these personal matters. However, there are many people who would pretend to be someone you know to get these important documents and payments. That is why you have to confirm that you have given authorization to someone through a formal letter.

A Letter to Confirm Authorization is used as proof that you authorize the person to act on your behalf. This letter will not break easily especially if you have placed your signature, or attached a photocopy of you and the person’s ID as a proof of relationship. You should be formal and brief when writing this letter.

It must include the reason why you cannot attend personally, name of the authorized person, your relationship, the work to be done, and your contact information in case they have further questions. You can also state the validity of the letter if necessary.

Here is the following example of a Letter to Confirm Authorization:

Charles Mendez
4583 Lochmere Lane
Winsted, CT 06098

February 24, 2010

Subject: Authorization Letter for Effie Starnes

To Whom It May Concern:

I, Diego Starnes, issue this letter to authorize my daughter Effie Starnes, to collect my checks in the approximate amount of $10,000. I cannot go personally to your office due to medical reasons. However, I will resume collecting these checks myself upon my return.

Attached to this letter are photocopies of my medical certificate as well as my daughter’s two valid IDs. I have also included our signatures for authenticity. If you still have inquires please don’t hesitate to call me at 215-555-4022.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Respectfully yours,

Diego Starnes