Letter of Complaint About a Neighbor

The letter of complaint about a neighbor which may be coursed to a homeowners’ association (HOA) or a landlord expresses the inconvenience experienced by a tenant over violations of agreed-upon rules of conduct in the residential area.

When verbal requests for a neighbor to modify inappropriate behavior (like making a lot of noise at night until the wee hours of the morning or engaging in illegitimate activities) fall on deaf ears, a formal letter of complaint may be sent to the landlord or HOA.

The letter may reasonably state the details pertaining to the breach of protocol while in the residential area, where homeowners or tenants have paid a premium to live in tranquility. Here’s a sample letter of complaint about a neighbor addressed to the property manager:


December 2, 2010

Mr. Glenn Adams
Property Manager
Capitol Apartment Complex
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 08264

Dear Mr. Adams,

I recently moved into the Capitol Apartment Complex, Unit 2008, and have enjoyed my stay the first few days. However I do have a concern about my next door neighbor.

It has come to my attention that occupants of Unit 2009 have let relatives to take up residence in their area, thereby causing a commotion late at night and in the wee hours of the morning. Moreover, my next door neighbor has been allowed to park multiple cars in the ground floor area fronting the residential units. This goes against two items in the lease agreement stipulating that no more than two individuals may occupy each studio unit at any given time, and vehicles must be parked at the space allotted for cars in the second floor of the residential complex.

I suggest that a firm reminder be issued to the residents of Unit 2009 on certain regulations that unit occupants need to comply with.

Hoping you can address these concerns at the soonest possible time


Merrill Harrow

Letter of Complaint on Workplace Harassment

A letter of complaint about harassment expresses how a person may have felt intimidated or offended by another individual’s behavior. For example, a colleague may have made offensive sexual advances.

Whether the request for sexual favor or other forms of conduct of a sexual nature that unreasonably interferes with the concerned employee’s work and causes anxiety, is distasteful and frowned upon in most work settings.

The next logical step may be to write a formal letter of complaint that is assertive but not emotional, addressed to the Human Resources Department head or office manager. Usually, a reasonable timetable to allow an investigation and interviews on the people concerned may be set.

This is necessary before the aggrieved party considers other options. Here’s a sample letter of complaint on workplace harassment:


December 2, 2010

Ms. Lizanne Uychaco
Human Resources Department Head
Empire Investments Company
New York, New York 12345

Ref: Harassment in the Department

Dear Ms. Uychaco,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the harassment I was subjected to by my colleague, Mr. Robert Smith.

On various occasions in the past, Mr. Smith has been making lewd jokes before corporate meetings and casual encounters in the office. Last evening, though, he went a step further while I was busy rendering overtime work, touched me in private parts, and then forcibly kissed me. This offensive conduct is unwelcome. The harassment went way beyond my tolerance levels.

In all the 10 years that I have been working for the company, this is the only time I have encountered such a problem. It has caused me emotional distress. I therefore request that your office look into the matter, issue a warning to Mr. Smith, and consider possible change of work assignments for myself or for him.

I hope you can attend to this matter at the soonest possible time and take the necessary action.


Andrea Solis

Letter of Complaint About a Faulty Product

A letter of complaint about a faulty product cites defects of flaws in a product that has just been purchased, and which in no way was caused by the consumer. The flaw may reflect that the product was in poor condition or had a defect, even before the purchase was made.

The purpose of the letter is to ask the company to rectify the situation by replacing the faulty merchandise with one that’s in good working condition, or refund the customer.

To write an effective letter of complaint about a faulty product and get the desired action, express your points concisely and politely, and be ready to substantiate your complaint.
A letter of complaint about a defective product must include what the item is, the date of purchase, the retail store or branch address where the item was purchased, and what the defects are. Here’s a sample of a letter of complaint about a faulty product:


January 01, 2011

Nancy Hampton
Suite 2508, 25th Floor
Pacific Plaza
410 Des Vex Road West
Hong Kong, Alaska 99873

Ms. Ana Liu
Customer Service Head
Union Department Store
3/F., Block 2, Tai Ping Industrial Centre,
Juneau, Alaska 99873

Dear Ms. Liu:
Last November 28, I bought an electric tie rack at Union Department Store — the TR200 Electronic Rotating Tie Rack. After setting it up at my house on the day I purchased it, I discovered that the built-in light of said tie rack does not automatically switch on at the touch of a button, the way it’s supposed to do after the first try. Moreover, instead of a quiet, powerful motor, the device makes a jarring sound. Attached is a photocopy of my receipt.

The TR200 electronic rotating tie rack that I purchased from your store did not live up to its claims. Hence, I am requesting for a replacement in good working condition. Otherwise, I would like a refund.

Nancy Hampton

Complaint Letter on Radio & TV Broadcast

Listening to the radio and watching TV shows are some of the pastimes of people when they are at home. The problem is, there are times when the show presented in an immoral matter.

To stop the show from airing, a person can submit a letter to complai

n about a radio or television broadcast.

A Complaint Letter is essential to inform inappropriate shows to any TV or Radio Stations. If these shows present violence, sex and religion in a ridiculous matter, then people can submit letters as long as it was sent 20 days after these shows are first aired.

You need to write down all the inappropriate parts of the show and what apology do you wish for the broadcaster and station to do.

Here is an example on a complaint letter about a TV show and its content:


September 9, 2009

Donna Carter
TV Host
1206 Upton Avenue
Portland, ME 04101

Dear Ma’am,

I send you this letter to inform you how dismayed I am after seeing your TV show “The Donna’s Show” last September 5 on 5:00pm. One of your show segments features “Lucy”, a single mother who is addicted to drugs and sex. I don’t like the portrayal of women in your show about single mothers that always love sex and having fun. I also think that the woman is swearing in front of the camera saying things like “bull_ _ _ _”, “mother_ _ _ _” and “_itch”.

Truly, I am offended because I am a single mother myself. The segment was not edited fully because I can still see how the words come out of her mouth and hear the ending syllables. I and my kids loved the show, so it was very devastating for me to see such a thing.

I would like to see the station making an apology about the show segment. Please also show the proper warnings and edit the segment more fully next time.

Thank you and I hope to take action as fast as possible.


Jasmine Wood

Complaint Letter on Receiving Damaged Goods

Writing a complaint letter for receiving damaged goods that has been paid for requires tact and firmness. This type of letter is normally addressed to the head of customer service or manager if the product or service was purchased from a big company. Some letters may rant emotionally about poor service or product flaws, which should not be the case. An objective approach is better. Complete information (including date of purchase, which specific store branch/location the product was bought from, the model and name of the item) must be provided in the letter along with the complainant’s contact telephone numbers and address.

A photocopy of the receipt may be attached. The official receipt may be presented later on when the customer is requested to personally drop by the office of the company where the merchandise came from. The letter of complaint about a faulty product or inferior service must mention the problem clearly, and skip irrelevant details. Such a letter aims to get a replacement item or a refund. In some instances, an apology is in order. Here’s a sample complaint letter on receiving damaged goods:


Dec. 2, 2010

Mezzanine Floor
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Hong Kong, IA 53421

Dear Mr. Abram:

Yesterday, December 1, I ordered a stylish-looking diamond cross pendant with silver chain for my wife and settled the payment online using my PayPal account. Your jewelry store at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel was referred to me by colleagues who said you carried one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry pieces made of the finest materials. Imagine my surprise when, upon receiving the package, the diamond encrusting the bottom part of the cross fell off.

Attached is a copy of my online transaction details. I hope you can replace the diamond pendant necklace at the soonest possible time, or issue a refund. I may be reached at +852 3602 2001.
Sincerely Yours,

Bernie Johnson

Letter to Complaint About Community Problems

Writing a letter to complain about the community, aims to spur government officials or public service agencies to action. There are occasions when citizens feel the need to bring problems to the immediate attention of community leaders. A complaint letter about community problems is a formal way to do it. This type of letter should clearly and concisely state details about the grievance or issue of public concern.

There is no need to beat around the bush nor use flowery words with this type of letter. Simply go straight to the point after the initial greeting and brief introduction of the problem. The letter-sender may begin by citing his/her particular community or residential area, and then cite the main point or the complaint itself. The letter-writer may then immediately indicate the proposed course of action or offer assistance.

Here is an example of a letter complaining to the chief of traffic in a bustling city.

December 2, 2010

Traffic Chief
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Re: rise in accidents from speeding vehicles in New York

Dear Officer Jones:

Along with other concerned citizens of New York City, I have observed that there is an urgent need to enforce a new speed limit in New York City. We have also noted the necessity of improving the traffic light system, particularly along Pennsylvania Avenue. It has come to the attention of residents in this area that the increase in vehicular accidents in said part of New York City has been due to speeding vehicles.

The fact that there are few traffic lights along Pennsylvania Avenue has also contributed to vehicular accidents.

We believe that these are pressing issues since public safety – both of individuals in our area as well as motorists — is at stake. We request for your immediate action on the matter.

Sincerely Yours,

Kevin Thomas

Letter of Complaint on a Delayed Order

A letter of complaint for a delay in the arrival of goods ordered, or for a requested service to be provided, seeks not just an explanation but action. Complaint letters of this type looks for results while expressing disappointment and/or dissatisfaction.

It’s best to write in a clear and polite manner to receive the attention deserved or the desired action. A letter of complaint about a delayed order must be addressed to a senior manager of the company, such as the head of Customer Relations or Chief Executive Officer. In certain cases, like if you ordered merchandise online, you need to allow several weeks before lodging a formal complaint about delayed delivery.

A standard letter of complaint regarding a delay in the delivery of an order will usually require a follow-up call or email to inquire about reasons for the delay. Here is a sample letter of complaint about a delayed order:

December 3, 2010

The Customer Service Manager
Seasonal Impressions
864 Bridle Creek Dr
Jordan, MN 12345

Dear Sir/Madam:

I browsed your website on November 1, 2010 and found some items I liked. I immediately placed an order for LED Cascading/Snowfall Christmas lights. That was over four weeks ago. The Christmas season is here, but I still have not yet received the item I ordered. As you can see from the attached photocopy of my transaction details, I paid extra for a rush order.

Your website assures prompt delivery of orders on completed transaction. My credit card company has confirmed that the exact amount of the items I purchased had been billed to my account, but I have yet to take receipt of the item I ordered. I have requested for my LED Cascading/Snowfall Christmas lights to be delivered by parcel to my residential address at 175 Daffodil Street, York, KS 55211.

If the item has already been sent out, please furnish me with the delivery tracking number. Please call me at (465) 896-5555 regarding the status of my order. I hope to hear from you soon.


Aman Hapi

Letter of Complaint on Billing Error

A letter of complaint about a billing error must be sent at the soonest possible time, and must be written in a courteous, yet firm manner. Note that errors (like in the case of wrong amount or missing quantity of goods received as shown in the sales invoice) are usually not intentional. The facts must be double checked and only the relevant details must be included in the letter.

The main purpose of a letter of complaint about a billing error is to immediately bring to the Collection Officer that an error was made while processing the bill. A common example is double charging of a customer for a single credit card purchase, which is reflected in the billing statement. In this case, a customer service officer may be called, upon receipt and after reviewing the credit card billing statement with the error.

The transaction report and billing statement may then be faxed to the credit card company along with the letter of complaint. Once the error is acknowledged, the equivalent amount may be offset in the succeeding credit card statement. In other cases, like when a guest checks in at a hotel and is given a billing summary, any error may immediately be checked and brought to the attention of the front desk manager.

Here is a sample letter of complaint for a billing error:

Dec. 1, 2010

Front Desk Manager
St. Regis, Shanghai
889 Dong Fang Road, Pudong

Dear Ms. Celia:

I am writing this letter to point out an error in my hotel bill summary that I requested from the front desk clerk. I would like to bring to your attention that I checked in on November 30, but the summary indicates that my check-in date is November 29.

The billing statement therefore shows that I am being billed an additional night at St. Regis, Shanghai.
Kindly investigate this matter and correct the billing error before I check out this evening.

Sincerely Yours,

Terry Carroll
Hotel Guest