Refusal to Extend Time on Payment of Invoice


We regret to inform you that we are unable to extend any
more time for payment of the above invoice.

We feel that we have been extremely patient, but if we do
not receive payment in full on or before (date), we
shall have no other choice but to turn this matter over to
our attorney with instructions to use all available legal
remedies to collect the amount owing.

Refusal to Accept Late Return of Merchandise


Over the years we have had to formulate various company
policies. These policies have never been arbitrarily
adopted, but rather chosen in order to be able to
accommodate our customers by providing our product at the
lowest conceivable price while remaining in business.

One of these policies is that our customers have ( ) days
in which to return any merchandise for a full refund. We
feel this allows sufficient time to inspect our product
and be assured of its quality.

I am grateful for the business you have seen fit to give
our firm and am proud to have you as one of our customers.
I cannot, however, authorize the return of our merchandise
as you have requested, inasmuch as you took delivery over
(time) ago.

I am sorry that I cannot accommodate you in this matter and
I hope you will understand why we must take this position.

Refusal of Request for Letter of Recommendation


Your request for a letter of recommendation from our
firm cannot be granted. While the work that you
performed for us was always satisfactory, we do not
feel that it would be fair to either you or our firm
to evaluate your capabilities based on a two month
tenure of employment.

If any inquiries are made of us, we will reply most
favorably. We wish you the best of luck in the future.

Refusal of Offer of Employment


I am most appreciative of your offer of employment. It is
unfortunate that your offer arrived when it did, as I have
just accepted another position. Should my situation
change, I will be in prompt contact with you. However, I
believe the firm which I have chosen to associate with
holds great career promise.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Refusal of Employee Request for Early Raise


Although the company appreciates all that you have
pointed out in your letter, we do not believe a raise
is in order at this time. It is the custom of Chambers
& Associates to review all employee benefits and
compensation in July, at the end of the fiscal year.

Certainly, at that time you will be considered for a
salary increase, providing the production figures for
your division are significantly increased.