(name) , one of our customers, called my office
today to inform me that he had been treated in an
extremely discourteous manner by you.

He was referring to a telephone call which took place on
(date) wherein he claims that you stated that you were
too busy to find the answer to his question at that time
and you seemed totally indifferent to his problem.

This is, of course, completely against our policy, which
is to make every attempt to please and keep our customers
content. Without customers, we have no company.

I would like you to find the source of the problem in this
account, call (name) with the information he has
requested, and offer an apology.

Reply to Request about Credit Rejection

Date: _

To: _ (Credit Applicant)

In response to your request for a statement of our
reasons for turning down your recent application for credit,
our records reveal that your application was not approved
because: (Describe)


We appreciate your patronage and invite you to shop with
us on a cash basis.

Very truly,


Reply to Notice of Item Missing from Carton


Your letter informing us that the (missing item) for
your new (product) was not included in the carton
has been brought to my attention.

There is a package on its way to you now that includes
the item and a little something extra. This is our
way of saying how sorry we are for having slipped up,
and thanking you for choosing the (name of product).

If I can be of assistance to you in any way in the future,
please call us at any time

Reply to Inquiry and Inability to Offer Substitute


Your letter inquiring about (subject of inquiry) was
brought to my attention.

While we manufacture a vast assortment of (products) ,
none of our models fit the description which you provided.
We have never manufactured (subject of inquiry).

You may wish to direct an inquiry to the following
distributor, whose firm has been in existence for many
years and who may have the answer you are seeking:

____(name of firm)____

I am sorry that I am unable to be of more assistance to
you. Best of luck!

Reply to Inquiry About Discontinued Model


The reason that you have been unable to find our (product
and model no.), is because this model has been discontinued.
We replaced it with (new model number), which offers the
same fine quality that our customers have come to expect,
but is (selling point).

I am enclosing a list of the stores in your area where our
products can be purchased, and would like to thank you for
choosing our product.

Reply and Referral to Distributor


Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding where our
products can be purchased in your country.

We have not yet established foreign distribution for
our products, and therefore they can only be presently
purchased from our United States distributor. If you
are interested in placing an order for any of our
merchandise, please direct your correspondence to:

We have forwarded a copy of your letter of (date)
to our distributor in order to acquaint him with your
needs and requirements should you decide to place an

Thank you very much for the interest you have exhibited
in our products. If we can be of any more assistance to
you, please call upon our office at any time.

Reply and New Customer Welcome


Your letter just arrived, and after reading it several
times to be absolutely sure of its content, I can say
how pleased I am with your decision to purchase your
plywood products from us.

Ours is truly a business whose future depends upon the
satisfaction of our customers. Welcome to that family.
You can rest assured that we will strive to provide you
with the fastest most efficient service, along with the
highest quality products available.

Should you have any problems, or any ideas on ways that
we can improve our service, please feel free to call upon
me. Again, welcome aboard.

Reply Notice of Shipment Being Traced


Your lighter was repaired on April 19th and was shipped via
UPS on April 20th. We can only assume that the lighter was
lost in transit.

Upon receipt of your letter, we reported the loss

immediately to the carrier and they are attempting to locate
the parcel. We should have a report back within two weeks.

If ABC is successful in locating your lighter, then it will
be forwarded to you promptly. If, after two weeks, they have
been unsuccessful, we will forward a check to you for the
value of the lighter.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Reply Canceling Unfilled Order


I am in receipt of your correspondence noticing us that
there will be a two week delay in the shipment of the
above referenced merchandise.

This delay is unacceptable and we are therefore canceling
our purchase order number (number) for the above items.

Reply Apology and Notice of Shipment in Replacement


Your letter of (date) has been received, and we were
very sorry to hear about the problem you experienced with
our (product)

We maintain rigid inspection standards, but occasionally
an imperfection does slip by, as it unfortunately did in
the case of your (product) .

We have entered a replacement order to be shipped to you
at once. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us
and we apologize for the inconvenience you have been

Thank you for purchasing our products.