Letter of Confirmation of a Promotion or Transfer

A promotion is something to be celebrated, whether you are the promoted employee or the company boss. It means that the employee is very hardworking and worthy of the new job.

To publicize the promotional success of the employee in a very special way, the company must send a Letter of Transfer or Promotion Confirmation.

A Letter of Transfer or Promotion Confirmation is a good company memo especially if the management already told the employee first hand. The letter must be formal and short but very inspirational for the employee to continue his work.

It is also best to include in the letter the new job title, the new annual salary, the person who will be taking his former job and the new office location if any. Add the congratulatory remarks and the last paragraph of the letter.

This is an example of a letter of a promotion and relocation:


June 22, 2010

Rose Washington
2228 Golf Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

SUBJECT: Promotion Letter

Dear Rose,

This is a confirmation of your promotion as the Service Department Head beginning July 1, 2010. You will receive an increase of $12,000 in your annual salary for a total of $38,000. You are also requested to turn over your previous jobasignment as the Service Head Assistant to Pamela Rosenbaum.

As the new Head of the Service Department, you are required to read and fully understand the duties and responsibilities, tasks, and benefits from the job manual attached to this letter. You will also be relocated to our branch in Boston. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 781-972-7356 or send a message to

Congratulations on the behalf of Marketing Gang Corporation and may you have a blessed year ahead.

Best Regards,

Stephen Wallace
HR Department Head
Marketing Gang Corporation

Promotional Letter, Service Business


Our firm recently received an extremely favorable review
from (name of publication), which we hope may be of some
interest to you. In case you missed reading it, I have
enclosed a copy with this letter.

Since our service lends itself so well to your type of
business, we would appreciate having an opportunity to
speak with you or one of your representatives about how
we can help you to cut down on unnecessary overhead

Please contact me at (telephone), so that we can arrange
a convenient time to meet. I will be looking forward to
your call.

Promotional Letter, School Programs and Services


Our firm supplies products and programs which are designed
primarily for schools. We have enclosed our brochure which
consists of various programs which will generate funds for
your school while exposing your students to the experience
of selling products.

These programs have been successfully tested in both public
and private schools throughout the country. Our magazine
subscription program has been implemented in over 1000
schools. We have discovered that campaigns carried out in
the early fall and in the spring have a somewhat stronger
success ration than others.

If you are interested in having your students participate
in any of our programs, please contact us so that we can
make the necessary arrangements. We are looking forward
to hearing from you.

Promotional Letter, Public Relations


Did Ponce de Leon really discover a fountain of youth in
Florida or did he merely have a great public relations man?

We will probably never know the true answer to this
question just as so many questions still remain about so
many historic people and happenings because word of mouth
has the tremendous power of creating legends of its own.

We have mounted campaigns for relatively obscure firms that
have resulted in their becoming known and sought out as major
entities in their respective fields of industry. Through the
placement of articles in local and national publications, in
conjunction with an advertising campaign, these firms have
achieved the recognition and place within the industry that
would have taken many years to achieve without a public
relations promotion.

We would appreciate having the opportunity to speak with you
personally and discuss some of our ideas for promoting (name
of company) Please call me at (telephone) in order to set
up a convenient time for me to come and see you.

Promotional Letter, Private Investigations


As an investigative agency licensed to work anywhere in
the state of (state) we offer every conceivable
service to our clients from document search to surveillance.

We do a great deal of work for several legal firms in this
area and would be happy to provide you with references should
you desire. Our experience in providing information for firms
such as yours, enables us to obtain results quickly and
thoroughly. Our fees are reasonable and we guarantee results!

If you need an investigative agency that can deliver, please
call. We hope to hear from you soon.

Promotional Letter, Printer, Xmas Cards


The purpose of words is to convey our thoughts, to help
us to understand one another better. This Christmas
affords you the opportunity to let people know just how
important they are to you.

All of our cards are printed on our premises and are sold
directly to you at the manufacturer’s price. I have
included some samples for you to look at and would like
to point out that tailored vellum envelopes are included
with your order.

There is no pre-payment required and there is never a
charge of any kind unless you are completely satisfied.
"Off-season" postmark means ten (10%) percent discount!

Promotional Letter, Oriental Rugs


Oriental Rugs are an investment. Standard wall to wall
carpeting depreciates in value. Oriental Rugs can be
rolled up and taken with you no matter how many times
you move in your lifetime. Wall to wall carpeting
generally stays behind. A fine Oriental Rug is
expensive, so is fine wall to wall carpeting. A fine
Oriental Rug can fetch a handsome price at Sotherbys.
Sotherbys would never sell used wall to wall carpeting.

Stop in and see us some time.

Promotional Letter, Office Space


In the future, if you find that the continuing growth of
your company makes it necessary to expand its present office
space, we hope that you will consider the new Chambers
Plaza Towers for your next location.

Enclosed are some brochures which describe, in more detail,
the building services and appointments, parking
accommodations and some of the typical office spaces which
are available. The office space plans in the Towers are
unique by virtue of the building’s triangular design,
affording maximum use of the column-free floor space and
eliminating the need for interior corridors. The 38-story
buildings offer spectacular panoramic views in all
directions, serving as a focal point of Chambers City.

We would be delighted to have you visit the Towers so that
you might see for yourself the many fine building features
that have been implemented to make the Towers far superior
to most competitive new buildings in the St. Petersburg area.

May I call you in a few day to discuss how we might assist
you in the evaluation of your office space requirements?
Meanwhile, if you would like to stop by to visit us, please
feel free to do so.

Promotional Letter, Music School


We at the "Pasadena Music School", as new members of the
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, would like to introduce
ourselves to those of you who may not be aware of our

"Pasadena Music School" is now one and one-half years old.
In that time we have been growing steadily, and offering
varied and unique programs for both children and adults.
Private lessons include voice, piano, strings and wind
instruments. In addition, we offer Pasadena’s only Suzuki

Our professional instructors all have degrees in music and
are dedicated to providing personal and individualized
attention to their students. Every student is offered the
opportunity to perform often in our "Recitals with a
Difference", in addition to participating in our programs
for schools and various organizations.

Please call us for a summer brochure in which all of the
classes available are described. Or call us if your group
or organization needs musical entertainment for a party or
meeting. We will plan a program specifically for you–at
no charge.

Promotional Letter, Moving Company


Chambers Moving and Storage Company is pleased to have
been chosen to service your upcoming move. We will do
everything we can to make it a move with which you’ll be
pleased–and we will be proud.

Here are the names and addresses of the people involved
in servicing your move at your current address, and at
your new address.


Chambers Moving and Storage Wentworth Transfer
1304 74th Circle N.E. 679 Windall Road
St. Petersburg, Florida Los Angeles, California
Phone: (813) 520-1776 (213) 467-0704

The origin agent will contact you to go over your
requirements and arrange services for your move.

If you have questions during your move, please call me
at Chambers Corporate Service Center in St. Petersburg.
I am here to be of service to our customers. I am
enclosing two cards with our toll free number for you
to keep with you during your move.

We wish you the very best happiness in your new home.