Second Request

Second Request for Renewal of Service Agreement


Your (name) Service Agreement has expired
for the equipment that we installed on your premises.
We have not received a remittance or a reply to our
previous request for payment. Perhaps this was an
oversight on your part, or perhaps your payment is in
the mail.

If you have not sent us your payment, please forward
your remittance within ten days, or we will assume you
do not wish to continue your Service Agreement.

Should you decide to terminate your Service Agreement, we
will look forward to furnishing the same high quality
service on your (name) equipment at our currently
hourly rate of (amount) per hour, plus parts and
travel expense.

If payment has been made or if there are any questions in
regard to your account, please contact me at (213) 555-7074.

Second Request for Refund on Returned Merchandise


On (date) , I attached my letter to the merchandise
I returned to you and requested a refund for same. I have
enclosed a copy of that letter for your convenience.

As you will note, quite some time has elapsed since I
initiated my first correspondence, and I have not yet
received your check. I would appreciate it if you would
tend to this matter as quickly as possible, since I am
sure that you can understand my reluctance to order any
additional merchandise from you under the present

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Second Request for Payment (10 Day Demand)


Date: _

To: _ (Customer)

On _, 19_ we notified you of your overdue account in the
amount of $_.

To date we still have not received payment.

Demand is made for payment within the next ten days.

Very truly,


Second Request for Correction of Billing Error


I received your letter, of (date) , in which you
state that your records indicate my present balance
owing is $

As of March 30th, I did, in fact, have an outstanding
balance of $ On April 5th, I mailed a check to
the store in the amount of $ When this payment
failed to appear as a credit on my April 30th bill, I
telephoned the credit office and spoke with a young
woman who, after locating a record of the payment,
assured me that the credit would appear on the May 30th

I am enclosing a xerox copy of my canceled check dated
April 5th. I shall appreciate your prompt efforts
in correcting this error in my account as soon as
possible. Thank you for your early attention to this