Letter of Authorization for Work to be Done

Sometimes, you would need to ask for experts to fix your home or office. There are some concerns, damages or emergencies in the home or office that have to be expected like calamities or renovations. A very polite way to ask the person his services is to send a letter of Authorization.

This letter of Authorization might be very different from the others because you are requesting someone to touch your personal space. Nevertheless, you still need to inform the person in a formal manner that you are hiring his services. It is also a great way to say that you are expecting his great services, which will give the person confidence for his job.

Go straight to the point when you are writing this letter. It should contain all the things that the person must fix or move in your space. For better time management, you can clear all the things before the arrival of the person.

You may enclose a down-payment; just make sure that you also have a copy of the letter for legal proof. Also write in the letter your gratitude for his services. Lastly, put in all your contact details so he can easily reach you for inquires.

Here is an example of an authorization letter:


Juan Sides
Caduk Homes Services
4492 White Street
Corpus Christi, TX 78476

Dear Mr. Sides,

I am requesting you to design the interiors of my newly furnished office. I heard from my other colleagues that you provide exceptional interior designs. I am enclosing $1500 as my initial payment.

I already have the basic office desk and chairs to be used in my office. I am open to hear from your suggestions regarding on the decorations to be used. Under my approval, you will buy the other decorations and I will pay for all of these. I fully understand that it might take some days to finish the room.

Don’t hesitate to call me at 304-852-5718 or send a message at jacobsaucier@sapphirebaritone. for further questions. I am hoping to see you in my office as soon as you can.

Truly yours,

Jacob Saucier

Letter of Authorization for Legal Representation

If you are in the middle of a lawsuit, it would not be wise to represent your own case. A lawyer is the best professional to present your case. He or she has the knowledge and skills to handle your case. One way to have a lawyer represent you is to write a letter of authorization for Legal Representation.

A Legal Representation Authorization letter is a formal letter that asks the receiver to represent you. It is better to put both of your agreements in writing to prove that he will be your legal lawyer. It is also a safe way to state the terms of his hiring contract. You can also write this letter if you cannot go in a very important event because of emergencies. Just make sure that the person knows exactly what to do in that event.

The letter needs to be short and precise. Write down all the necessary details especially the payment details. Always put your contact information so you can modify the terms if he would not agree. Also leave a space for him to sign so he can use the letter as a proof.

Here is a sample letter to authorize legal representation:


January 20, 2010

James Waltz, Esq.
1161 Highland Drive
Green Bay, WI 54303

Dear Mr. Waltz,

I am authorizing you to act as my legal lawyer to handle the court case that I filed against League Pony Ltd. Enclosed with this letter is a $5000 check for the first retainer.

I understand that your rate is $300 per hour and $200 for additional filings. If I exceeded from the payment, please let me know. Wait for my approval for the additional retainer. I do also recall that you said in a phone conversation that the case will not cost more than $30,000.

Please sign at the bottom of this letter if you agree on the terms. If you still have other arrangements for the matter, don’t hesitate to call me at 252-335-7292 or send a message at EulaKissell@jissax.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Eula Bissell
Jissax Corporation


James Waltz
Legal Lawyer

Letter of Authorization To Do a Study or Report

Sometimes, companies need to find ways to know what new products need to be created. Nothing comes closer than knowing the needs of the customers by surveys and conducting studies.

But before you conduct your study, you need to have an approval from a higher official. This is where a letter to authorize a study or report is written.

A Study or Report Authorization letter is a formal letter from a higher official that grants you to conduct it. You cannot conduct a study without the knowledge of an authorized official or they might file a legal case against you. Once you are given the authorization, you can start conducting the study without worries.

This letter must be very brief and formal. State your rules and boundaries so that there will be no confusions and misunderstandings. Also state what kinds of people or things will act as the study subjects, the start and end date of the study and when to give their initial reports if applicable.

Lastly, give them your contact details so they can be able to reach you for their concerns and inquiries.

Here is a sample letter to authorize a study or report:


August 22, 2010

Grant Yates
2752 George Street
Gainesville, FL 32601

Dear Mr. Yates,

We have reviewed the contents of your proposal that you sent to us on August 10. We authorize you to make the study about the choices in foods and ingredients of our employees here in Muphysical, effectively on August 24. We will only allow you to make the study on our HR and Sales Department team. We also require you to send us weekly reports and the final copy of the report on September 17.

Please keep in mind that you can only conduct the study on our employees during their break time in the company’s premises. We have already informed these employees about the study. Kindly proceed as you have outlined your proposal.

If you still have questions and concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at 559-617-7144 or at my email address at douglascato@muphysical. We look forward to see you first initial report next week.


Douglas Cato
Vice President
Muphysical Corporation

Letter of Authorization for Medical Treatment

There are times when people need to undergo a life changing medical procedure, especially if they had a serious accident or disease. Doctors need the approval of the guardians in order to continue the operation, which is why letters to authorize medical treatment is necessary.

Under legal terms, doctors and nurses cannot operate the patient without the consent of the family. The family can file law suits against the hospital if ever the patient dies or have more serious complications after the unauthorized operation.

An authorization letter is their legal protection to ensure that the hospital don’t have any liabilities to the patient’s family after the said operation. It is also a way to put the consent of the family in writing.

The letter must be brief, information-centered and has to be edited in a word application and printed on a piece of paper to make it look formal. Personal information and contact numbers of the guardians, the patient, and the health insurance company, the doctor or surgeon, and the hospital has to be seen on the letter.

The guardians must sign the letter and sent to the notary public for authentication. When all is done, the surgeon can now operate on the patient.

Here is an example of a letter to authorize medical treatment:



To Whom It May Concern:

As the parents of Joan Williams, we allow the bearer of this letter to approve medical treatment to our daughter. We put our daughter’s life in the hands of her surgeon.

Guardian 1:
Janet Williams
Work Phone: 791-3254
Mobile Phone: 0916-571-8442

Guardian 2:
Andre Williams
Work Phone: 272-3565
Mobile Phone: 0939-049-9277

Insurance Carrier: Jigka Life Insurance Company
Policy Number: 45390-49927-4297

Child’s Personal Information:
Date of Birth: December 3, 1994
Blood Type: O
Known Allergies: Shrimp, Peanuts
Being Treated for these Chronic Conditions: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, Bronchiectasis, other events of difficulty breathing

Physician: Dra. Barbara Barbosa
Phone Number: 776-5693

Thank you,
Janet Williams
Mother’s Signature

Andre Williams
Father’s Signature

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 28th of September 2010

____________________________________ Notary Public
__________________________________ County, Arizona

Pejoo Health Care Incorporation

Authorization Form



Re: Loan #______________or Savings Account #____________,

I hereby authorize release to ___________________________,
credit information for my pending credit application on a
real estate transaction.

Loan Opened________________ Monthly Payments___________
High Credit________________ Current Balance____________
Paying Record____________________________________________
Savings Account:
Date Opened______________ Present Balance_____________
The above is furnished to you in strictest confidence to
your request.

Date:_______________________ _______________________
By__________________________ By_______________________

Authorization To Participate In Medical Plan


As an employee of [name of firm] , I do (do not) wish
to participate in the Company’s Medical Plan.

[name of firm] is hereby authorized to make the
necessary deductions from my earnings or any disability
benefit paid to me by the company, for the amount specified
in the Group Insurance Schedule.

It is my understanding that I will be eligible to participate
in the Company Medical Plan as of [date] and that the
monthly deductions referred to herein will begin on [date]

I further understand that the acceptance of my application
for participation in the Company Medical Plan is contingent
upon my ability to meet the medical requirements determined
by [name of insurance company]

Date:_________________ Signature:___________________________

Authorization To Direct Bill For Corporate Guest


[name of guest] is an honored guest of our
corporation, and during his stay at your hotel, you are
hereby authorized to forward all bills for his stay there
to our accounting office. They have been preauthorized
to immediately approve and pay any invoices from your
hotel. We have placed a credit limit on the account of
[amount] Should this account exceed this amount, please
contact this office for approval in advance of any
additional charges.

Thank you in advance for your special consideration of
this individual and his needs. We hope to make his visit
to our company and our city most enjoyable and memorable.

If I may be of any assistance in this matter, please
contact my office as necessary.