Announcement Letter of a Sales Contest

Any organization needs to have promotional activities in order to keep up with the competition in the market or better yet to be ahead of its competitors. It is also vital that employees from the entire organization should be part of such activities

and not just from the sales department.

The company should think of this as an opportunity to strengthen the camaraderie for all employees through a contest. Having a sales contest will save you hundred of dollars from consultancy fees. Instead of paying consultants, give it to your employees as prize.

A sales announcement letter written efficiently announces and recognizes as well the achievement of the employees. It will make all the employees inspired to be creative and to excel in order to provide an excellent slogan for the products.

A sales contest announcement can be in a form of memo with a tone of a sales pitch. Having a sales contest will boost the morale of your employees because it posts a challenge among them. It will also help increase business revenue and healthy competition atmosphere. Below is a sample announcement letter of a sales contest.


November 25, 2010

Alpha-Omega Corporation
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

Originating Department: Sales Department
Subject: Sales Contest

Dear Team,

Good day.

On behalf of the company, the sales department would like to invite everyone to participate in our “Slogan Contest.” Below are the mechanics:

1) Print the attached slogan form. Write a new slogan about our new products. These products are the new product lines of our companies to be launched next year.

2) The slogan must reflect the company and at the same time related to the new products. It should be catchy and has rhyme. It would be better if it can be incorporated to the company’s generic jingle. It should be less than 40 words.

3) All employees from different departments are invited to participate in this contest except from the sales department.

4) Send back to this email address the accomplished form. The last date of submission will be on December 15, 2010, 5:00 in the afternoon.

5) The panel of judges will be all the members of the board of directors. The winners will be announced on December 17, 2010 through email.

6) The winners per product will receive a cash prize.


John Dough
VP for Sales

Sales Lead


Enclosed are photocopies of the inquiries we have received
from your region regarding the new line of sump pumps.
Literature has been mailed with your name to each interested

A follow-up sales call would be appropriate in most cases.
Last month’s results just hit my desk, and you are doing a
fine job breaking in the new line.

If I may be of any help, please give a call.

Sale on Consignment Acknowledgement

Date: _

To: _ (Customer)

This letter shall acknowledge that the goods described on
the attached invoice or order are shipped on a consignment

In the event you shall be unable to sell said goods, any
unsold goods may be returned to us at your expense for full

We reserve the right to reclaim any unsold goods at any
time. You further agree to execute any financing statements
as we may from time to time require to perfect our ownership
claim to said goods.

Goods sold by you shall be paid on the terms stated in
our invoice.

Very truly,

Sale on Approval Acknowledgement

Date: _

To: _ (Customer)

We are pleased to ship the goods delivered on the
attached invoice or order on a sale on approval basis.
In the event you are not satisfied with the goods, you
have the right to return the goods at our expense within (_)
days of receipt for full credit or refund if prepaid.
Goods not returned within that time shall be deemed

We thank you for your patronage and trust the goods will
meet with your approval.

Very truly.