Promotional Letter, Medical Lab


It is our pleasure to welcome you to (city)
(name of laboratory) is conveniently located next to the
(hospital) and is fully equipped to provide the highest
quality diagnostic service to physicians in this area.

Our laboratory services are approved for Medicare and we
have a courier service to ensure you of same day pick up
and delivery.

We would welcome any questions you may have regarding our
services and invite you to visit our facilities at your
leisure. We hope to hear from you soon.

Promotional Letter, Interior Design


As a new customer of (firm) , we thought you
might be interested in knowing that our Custom Interior
Shop offers you free interior design consultation along
with the finest selection of fabrics and wallpaper
designs to choose from.

Our experienced designers will be happy to meet with you
either in your home or at our store to discuss your
interior decorating needs. In addition to the merchandise
we offer in our store, we have catalogs from the major
manufacturers of furniture and accessories throughout the
country from which you can make your selections.

Please feel free to either drop in or make an appointment
with one of our interior designers at anytime. Thank you
for being a customer of (name of firm)

Promotional Letter, Insurance


Insurance rates are competitive! Before you renew your
existing Group Medical Insurance package, we would like
to take a moment of your time to let you know what’s been
going on at Chambers Casualty and Life.

We offer a complete medical plan, including: Life and
Accidental Death Coverage, $100.00 per individual –
$300.00 per family deductible, 80% Major Medical with
Stop Loss and $300.00 Accident benefit.*

The monthly cost for Chambers Group Medical Plan for
businesses with between 3 to 12 employees is $41.88 per
individual and $100.00 per family. Our rates for
businesses who have more than 12 employees are similar,
but must be quoted individually.

We take pride in being able to offer this coverage for
these low rates and in our reputation for handling claims
in a speedy and efficient manner, with the least amount
of paper work possible.

Thank you for giving me this moment. For more information
on Chambers Group Medical Plan, please call any of our
service representatives at (813) 457-4488.

* A Medicare Supplement Plan and Pregnancy Coverage are
available as options to our basic policy.

Promotional Letter, Health Spa


(name of spa) invites you to a free visit at our
health spa in order that you may witness our beautiful
facility for physical fitness.

You may avail yourself of our famous herbal body wrap,
join our exercise classes, take a sauna, sample our
swimming pool and Jacuzzi, bathe in our mineral baths
and work out in our gym. Since that alone would require
one day, I haven’t even mentioned our tennis and
racquetball courts.

We are very proud of our facilities and would love to
show them off to you. Please take advantage of our
offer by stopping in and bringing this letter with you.
We do hope you will come.

Promotional Letter, Furrier


It is with great pleasure that we extend our welcome to
you. We hope that your recent move to (state)
brings you much happiness.

If you have never lived in this type of climate before,
you may not be aware of the damage our high level of
humidity can cause to your fine furs.

We strongly recommend that furs be kept in cold storage
vaults which provides protection from the heat and
humidity as well as moths, fire and theft. It costs so
little for good protection. Our storage facility offers
around the clock security in temperature and humidity
controlled, fire-proof vaults.

We will also be happy to provide you with a free estimate
for the cleaning and glazing of your furs.

You may bring your furs to us at the above address or if
you prefer, call us to arrange insured pick-up service.

We are looking forward to being of service to you.

Promotional Letter, Finance Company


If you are like many of our customers, you have held off
from borrowing funds over the past year when interest
rates had hit the ceiling realizing that everything that
goes up must come down.

You should rightfully feel quite proud of yourself for
not borrowing at rates that could have put you further
into debt.

Now that rates have come down to a reasonable level, you
may wish to consider the advantage of making but one
monthly payment per month in lieu of apportioning small
amounts to the various creditors who have been requesting

We would love to have the opportunity to either come to
your home or have you come and visit our office so that
we might discuss any current financial problems you may
be experiencing with you, and to offer our solution for
eliminating a lot of unnecessary worry on your part.

Please contact us today at (telephone) if you would like
to rid yourself of a pile of unpaid bills, finance a car
or boat, or just take your family on a long-promised
vacation. We will look forward to hearing from you.

Promotional Letter, Dry Cleaner Supplies


This letter is to introduce our new sweater bags which
are being enthusiastically received by our customers
throughout this vicinity.

As you will see by the sample we have enclosed, this
sweater bag preserves the quality and appearance of the
fine wool products which you so frequently see in your
cleaning business.

These enclosures can only be obtained by your customer
through you, the professional dry cleaner. Please review
the attached pricelist and send in your order.

If I may be of any assistance, please call.

Promotional Letter, Drinking Water


There is a problem with the underground water reserves in
many areas of the United States, and (area) is one
of them.

This does not mean that the water you are currently drinking
is contaminated. I really am not qualified to evaluate the
safety or lack of safety in drinking this water.

I can, however, guarantee that the water that we obtain from
mineral springs and sell all over the state of (state)
is pure and safe.

We have enclosed a self-addressed card which entitles you to
a free quart of our drinking water which one of our service
representatives will bring to your home in order that you may
test it for yourself and see if it is to your liking. While
he is there, he will be happy to explain our home delivery
service program.

If you would like to receive your free sample of our mineral
springs water and learn about our home delivery, please mail
your information request card to us today.

We will be looking forward to serving you.

Promotional Letter, Domestic Services


Wouldn’t it be nice to take the day off and return to
find your floors and furniture polished, carpets vacuumed,
bathrooms scrubbed, beds made, oven and refrigerator
cleaned and kitchen spotless?

(name of company) can do all of this for you for
the low price of $ This price includes the cleaning of
(no.) rooms, (no.) bathrooms and kitchen. Our professionals
are bonded and courteous and we know that you will be more
than satisfied with the results.

We also have professionals available seven days a week to
attend to your bartending and catering needs. We will be
happy to provide you with these rates upon request.

Our services are available upon 24 hour notice and we will
be looking forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Promotional Letter, Direct Mail Service


While so many things are a shot in the dark when it comes
to increasing sales, one area that has proven itself to be
predictable in obtaining results is advertising through
direct mail.

We feel that your products lend themselves beautifully to
this proven sales technique and would like to have the
opportunity to discuss the services that we provide in this
area. Our firm has been in existence for (number) years,
and we can show you the precise results of mailings that we
have done so you can decide for yourself. We provide full
service to our customers from consulting, design, art work,
layout, composition, printing, labeling and mailing.

We would be pleased to make an appointment with you at your
convenience. Just call us at the number above. We know
you won’t be sorry you did!