How to Write a Congratulation Letter

A congratulation letter is written to praise someone for their achievement and success. With a congratulation letter, we can show others their efforts in achieving their goals and also make them proud of their achievements. If the person is well known to you, a congratulation letter can be personal and also informal.

A letter of congratulation should be plain and honest to avoid selfish feelings in the message. The slightest show of envy or jealousy at the good fortune of those whom we felicitate is unpardonable. It should on no account contains a hint of any hope that the advancement, or change of situation, upon which the compliment is made, may offend the person.

Important rules to follow

Rule 1: A congratulation message should be sent immediately. A delayed message will resembles your insecurity. First, introduce yourself so that the receiver will know whom you are, and also tell the purpose of writing the letter. State the exact achievement you are referencing and indicate how you heard of the good news.

Rule 2: Always write the address and the date of the letter before you begin writing. The date should be inserted two lines below the recipient’s address for a formal letter or six spaces from the top of the page in a more casual message.

Rule 3: A congratulation message should praise the achievements; also discuss the significance of the achievement. This would be a good place to include your personal related experience or some simple words of advice. Write simple messages by limiting the letter to one page.

Rule 4: Two most common signatures are “Best Wishes” or “Yours Truly”, followed by a comma. Always write your name and sign at the bottom.

Rule 5: Be honest in writing a congratulation letter; keep it positive, simple, and straight to the point.

Sample Congratulation Letter

Dear John,

Wow! You���ve done it again. Congratulations!

I just came to know from the boss that the paper you have presented on PL Chad has been nominated and had won a gold medal for best presentation. I believe this is the second time in a row you have achieved such success.

The staff also gave you wonderful support to publish the article. You must feel great, and I’m sure your clients are impressed as well. This should bring you a lot of new business — not that you need it.

Job well done, John. I’m learning a lot from you.