How to Write an Appreciation Letter

Appreciation is the process of thanking the people for their help, it is always important to be thankful to the people who helps us in our carrier or in our job or in any matter of our life. It is necessary to take proper steps to write an appreciation letter. A well written appreciation letter can improve relationships and can also open doors for further opportunities. There are different types of appreciation letters, such as business appreciation letter, employee appreciation letter, staff appreciation letter, teacher appreciation letter etc…

Important points to follow

Point 1
An appreciation letter should be in an encouraging form, it should help create opportunities to work together , it should motivate to work together for reaching goals.

Point 2
An appreciation letter should strengthen personal and business relationships. It should be in a praising form for the employees who had shown outstanding performance and contribution.

Point 3
An appreciation letter should be in a form of thanking someone for their help or contribution in the work or motivating the people to reach their goals.

Point 4
An appreciation letter can be in the form of a bonus or award.

Important rules to follow

Rule 1: Always address your appreciation letter to the specified person in general rather then in whole, be specific and simple. Don’t thanks a person in advance, always appreciate the person after completing his/her work.

Rule 2: Be honest in writing an appreciation letter, always specify why you appreciate them, be informal, warm and sincere to the point.

Rule 3: If the letter of appreciation is for the staff, write the appreciation letter in your own handwriting on the letterhead or use sharp printing, always express positive feedback results or comments received about him from others during the work or in the group.

Rule 4: If the letter of appreciation is in the form of reward or bonus, express what the award means to the company, describe his achievements and his contribution to the work or to the group.

Rule 5: Even the letters sent with the best of intentions will not be received if the appreciation letter contains spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure to proof read for any grammatical or spelling errors while writing an appreciation letter.

Sample format of appreciation letter

5th February, 2009.

Dear MR. ABC,

This letter comes to you with great appreciation for all the efforts from you and your team for making this project a big success. I would like to thank all for spending valuable times and efforts in completing this project. Your hard work helped us to achieve this success and without you, we could not have achieved this.
I would also like to thank you for the outstanding support from your entire family and your friends. Best wishes to you and your family and I hope we can work together again in the near future.

Warm regards,