Attendance Confirmation Letter as Speaker or Special Guest

It is advisable that you make follow-ups through correspondence, if in an event you’ll be invited to be a speaker or special guest. Writing a letter to confirm your own attendance as a speaker or special guest helps you reiterate the details of the event as you understand them.

The importance of reiteration of details helps you clarify things that may have been left unnoticed or misunderstood.
This type of letter should be straight-forward. Since this is a response to a previous communication, one may opt to be less formal with the tone.

Also, be sure to write with enthusiasm, let them know your interest and show it in your letter. Convey your appreciation to the inviter for having been invited as a speaker or special guest.



Name of Addressee

Dear (Sir/Madame):

I am writing to you to confirm attendance to your event/program, (Title of Event). It is to my understanding that this will be on (date of event) and will be held on the (place of event). From our previous discussion in our meeting, you have scheduled me to present some DIY arts and crafts at (time of event). As I have requested, please include the following materials, and equipment for my demo:

(List of materials and equipments)

I have attached all the types of art and craft that will be used in the demo as per your request. Please feel free to make copies for the participants.

I cannot express how I deeply appreciate that you have chosen me as one of your guests in your event. I look forward to making my favorite crafts that can be useful for starting a small business industry and sharing this knowledge to all of you, especially the audience/participants.


Name of Sender

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