Broken or Postponed Engagement Announcement Letter

Breaking an engagement is a difficult emotional decision. But it is much harder to break the news to your relatives and friends who have received an invitation. Giving broken or postponed engagement letters to the people who must be informed is proper.

Broken engagements or calling the wedding off letter is important to let your friends and relatives know that the expected occasion will not happen as scheduled. Some people must be immediately informed such as the parents of the couple, the church minister or wedding official, the venue for the event to take place, the caterers, the florists, the musicians, the photographers, and the close relatives and friends.

When writing a broken engagement letter, you must make the statement very short and clear. There are no explanations needed about why the engagement or wedding is called off or it might turn into the gossip of the town. Pass the letter along discreetly with the relatives and close friends and let them inform the others.

If a person you know is not invited to the event, then it is not necessary to inform them. In case that the engagement is called off days before the wedding, the family must act fast in order to save face and gather what is left of the wedding expenses. It is also a good way to let others cancel a flight and continue their jobs.

In some cases, the engagement or wedding is called off because a family member has died. In this case, state the reason for proponing the event, and place a new date and location for the even if available. If there is no schedule yet, just state that the engagement party or wedding will take place anytime soon.

Here is a sample of a postponed engagement letter due to a recent death of a family member:


November 25, 2010

CYA Wedding Planners
1234 Narrow Road
Abalone, NM 73645

Peter John Paul
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Peter,

Mr. John Cooper and Ms. Rosanna Herrington are sad to announce that the wedding has been postponed and the invitations are being recalled due to the recent passing of a family member.

Guests will be informed about the new wedding schedule. Please call me if you have any questions at 834-555-9023

Thank you for your understanding,

Jacqui Maniquis
Wedding Planner

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