Letter of Confirmation of a Promotion or Transfer

A promotion is something to be celebrated, whether you are the promoted employee or the company boss. It means that the employee is very hardworking and worthy of the new job.

To publicize the promotional success of the employee in a very special way, the company must send a Letter of Transfer or Promotion Confirmation.

A Letter of Transfer or Promotion Confirmation is a good company memo especially if the management already told the employee first hand. The letter must be formal and short but very inspirational for the employee to continue his work.

It is also best to include in the letter the new job title, the new annual salary, the person who will be taking his former job and the new office location if any. Add the congratulatory remarks and the last paragraph of the letter.

This is an example of a letter of a promotion and relocation:


June 22, 2010

Rose Washington
2228 Golf Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

SUBJECT: Promotion Letter

Dear Rose,

This is a confirmation of your promotion as the Service Department Head beginning July 1, 2010. You will receive an increase of $12,000 in your annual salary for a total of $38,000. You are also requested to turn over your previous jobasignment as the Service Head Assistant to Pamela Rosenbaum.

As the new Head of the Service Department, you are required to read and fully understand the duties and responsibilities, tasks, and benefits from the job manual attached to this letter. You will also be relocated to our branch in Boston. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 781-972-7356 or send a message to StephenEWallace@MarketingGang.com.

Congratulations on the behalf of Marketing Gang Corporation and may you have a blessed year ahead.

Best Regards,

Stephen Wallace
HR Department Head
Marketing Gang Corporation

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