Request Acceptance Letter to Serve in an Honorary Position

Writing a letter on accepting a request to serve in an honorary position must have tone of politeness. It should show how you appreciate the opportunity given to you. This is also a chance for you to clarify what is expected from you. You have to make sure what are your tasks and responsibilities to prevent any misunderstandings in the future.

1) Cordially say that you are willing to serve and accept the post.

Sample sentences:
I am pleased for your kindness in requesting me to serve as an honorary board member of the Smith Company. I am happy to be part and serve your prestigious company.

Thank you for considering me to become an honorary member of the Washington Company.

I am honored to be considered as honorary president of the Smith Company.

2) Clarify and confirm your honorary position.

Sample statements:
Due to my other commitments, I would appreciate if you could enumerate what are my responsibilities as honorary member of John Doe Company.

The way I understand from your letter, I will only attend to video conference monthly meetings and not the weekly meetings.

I am pleased to accept the honorary position. Based from your letter, the organization is not requesting me to travel frequently.

3) Show your concern, your interest and support for all the activities and goals of the institution.

Sample sentences:
I am very much interested to the aspirations of your organization and I would like to get more information on your activities for the past years.

Since I will be part of your organization, may I request you to send me more articles and literature for my guidance.

4) Express in your letter your wish for the organization’s success in all its projects.

Sample sentences:
Please accept my best wishes for the success of the organization.

The organization deserves all the success it has been receiving.

Congratulations to your continued success and wish you all the best.

Below is a sample letter of acceptance to serve.


November 26, 2010

James Smith
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for the letter you sent me. I am really surprised and delighted to accept the honorary position as a board member of your organization. Ever since, I believe in your organization’s advocacy, I am very must interested to take part and give my support. To show you my enthusiasm and support, I will be reviewing the literature you sent me and will discuss with you in our next meeting my suggestions.

I hope all the efforts of the organization will continue to benefit the community.


Jonathan Doe

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