Charge Account Terms and Conditions Form


Buyer agrees with seller_______________________________to pay
for all purchases upon receipt of monthly statement. Charges
billed, but not paid by the 10th of the month following
purchase will be considered delinquent and subject to finance

The FINANCE CHARGE for individuals is computed by a periodic
rate of ____ per month which is an ANNUUAL PERCENTAGE RATE OF
____% applied to the “Previous Unpaid Balance less Current
Credits.” Current credits are payments or credits received
by ________A.M. on the _____ day of the following month. The
minimum payment due will be payment of Buyer’s indebtedness
in full. If not paid, ______________________________ may
declare the unpaid balance due and payable immediately. Buyer
agrees to pay collection expenses, including reasonable
attorney’s fees and court costs, if it is necessary to
collect through legal action.

Buyer assumes full repsonsibility for all materials purchased
from ____________________________. Buyer agrees to be
personally liable for all charges and individually guarantees
payment of all charges promptly. Buyer agrees to notify
__________________within 10 days in writing of receipt of
monthly statement of any in billing. Failure to so notify
___________________________ signifies total acceptance and
responsibility for prompt payment in full of account.

If materials are ordered to be delivered to a construction job
site, the buyer assumes liability for the materials at the
time of delivery whether or not buyer’s representative is on
hand to acknowledge receipt of delivery. Buyer agrees to pay
standard delivery charges as billed.

Buyer agrees that no refund will be granted unless
merchandise is returned within 30 days with invoice to store
where purchases were made and in original sales condition.

Buyer agrees to supply____________with “Notice of
Commencements”, purchase orders, job numbers, job addresses,
and a current list of employees permitted to order, pickup,
and sign for merchandise.

__________________________reserves the right to send out
“Notice to Owners” and file Liens on past due accounts and
use any legal means available to force collection if

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