Collections Report on Current Status of Debt


                                   25. Just relocated at new
A.  DEBTOR'S ATTITUDE:             26. Lives in remote district:
     1. Promises to pay later          hard to contact personally
     2. Ignores requests           27. Debtor is a minor. Trying
     3. Disputes claim                 for settlement
     4. Refuses to pay             28. Debtor judgment-proof;
     5. Claims account is paid         recovery doubtful

     6. Doing part time work       29. Voluntary collection not
     7. Working on commission          possible. Recommend suit.
     8. Out of work. Rechecking        a) furnish 4 copies of
        regularly.                        itemized statements
     9. On relief.                        indicating date, amount
    10. Earnings exempt;no other          of each payment.
        attachable assets.             b) Original papers
    11. Heavily in debt.               c) Counsel must have legal
    12. Debtor ill and without            identity of Creditor in
        funds.                            order to proceed.
    13. In military service.

C.  CURRENT ACTIVITY                      INDICATE IF:
    14. Trying for a compromise           A corporation--where?
    15. Rechecking for assets to          A partnership--full
        justify legal action or             names of all--
        ability to pay.                   Individually owned--
    16  Debtor deceased;checking          Full name of indiv.?
        for estate.
    17. Claims returned merchandise   E.  ACCOUNT CLOSED:
        on ___________________
    18. Suit filed; still pending       30. Skip--cannot locate
    19. Judgment obtained. Attorney     31. No assets--hopeless
        trying to execute                   Legal action not
    20. Skip--trying to locate              recommended.
        Can you help?                   32. Per your request.
    21  Claims paid to you on           33. Subject refuses to
        _______________Please               pay or compromise,
        confirm payment.                    too small for suit.
    22. Claim in hands of our           34. Bankruptcy,no assets
        representative in debtor's      35. Outlawed.  Refuses to
        area. We are requesting             pay or compromise.
        report.                         36. Deceased. No estate.
    23. Just received a payment of          Family won't assist.
        $_________________              37. Exhausted all
    24. We are making a final               collection efforts.
        effort for you.                     Uncollectable.
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