Complaint Letter on Delivery or Shipping Error

If you purchased a product from a mom and pop or online store, expect that they will ship the items to your door. However, there are some incidents that the products are damaged, under the customer specifications or delivered to another address. In this scenario, you must complain about a faulty deliver or a shipping error through a Complain Letter.

The Complain Letter is used to correct the mistakes occurred in a delivery. The letter must state the errors and the correct customer location, correct product specification or to get another new product of the same type. You can also cancel the order if you wish to. Remember not to use harsh words even though you feel very mad about the shipping service.

Here is the following letter sample about a shipping error complaint:

Kenneth Jensen
Website Manager
31 Hoffman Avenue
New York, NY 10016

November 21, 2009

Dear Sir,

Last November 1, I have placed an order for a three-shelved cabinet to your online payment form. I have a printout of the confirmation email message sent to my inbox with the transaction number of 064052685. Three weeks have passed but I never received anything.

I do remember that I checked my address information before I submitted it. I put my recent address at 3530 Simpson Square, Oklahoma City, OK 73109. I am shocked to learn that you send the item to my old address at 1953 Wyatt Street, Jupiter, FL 33478.

Please send my order to the right address as fast as possible. I have been shopping on your website for a long time now, but it is the first time this incident happened to me. If I still haven’t got the item in two weeks’ time, I will withdraw my order and receive my order payment of $300 back in my bank account.

If you still have questions, you can contact me through phone or email. My phone number is 580-555-9949 and my email address is


Cassandra Weber

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