Complaint Letter on Receiving Damaged Goods

Writing a complaint letter for receiving damaged goods that has been paid for requires tact and firmness. This type of letter is normally addressed to the head of customer service or manager if the product or service was purchased from a big company. Some letters may rant emotionally about poor service or product flaws, which should not be the case. An objective approach is better. Complete information (including date of purchase, which specific store branch/location the product was bought from, the model and name of the item) must be provided in the letter along with the complainant’s contact telephone numbers and address.

A photocopy of the receipt may be attached. The official receipt may be presented later on when the customer is requested to personally drop by the office of the company where the merchandise came from. The letter of complaint about a faulty product or inferior service must mention the problem clearly, and skip irrelevant details. Such a letter aims to get a replacement item or a refund. In some instances, an apology is in order. Here’s a sample complaint letter on receiving damaged goods:


Dec. 2, 2010

Mezzanine Floor
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Hong Kong, IA 53421

Dear Mr. Abram:

Yesterday, December 1, I ordered a stylish-looking diamond cross pendant with silver chain for my wife and settled the payment online using my PayPal account. Your jewelry store at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel was referred to me by colleagues who said you carried one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry pieces made of the finest materials. Imagine my surprise when, upon receiving the package, the diamond encrusting the bottom part of the cross fell off.

Attached is a copy of my online transaction details. I hope you can replace the diamond pendant necklace at the soonest possible time, or issue a refund. I may be reached at +852 3602 2001.
Sincerely Yours,

Bernie Johnson

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