Confidentiality Agreement Between Firms


AGREEMENT and acknowledgement between _ [Company], and _
Whereas, the Company agrees to furnish the undersigned
certain confidential information relating to the affairs of
the Company for purposes of: [Describe]


Whereas, the undersigned agrees to review, examine,
inspect or obtain such information only for the purposes
described above, and to otherwise hold such information
confidential pursuant to the terms of this agreement,
BE IT KNOWN, that the Company has or shall furnish to the
undersigned certain confidential information, as set forth on
attached list, and may further allow the undersigned the right
to inspect the business of the Company and/or interview
employees or representatives of the Company, all on the
following conditions:
1. The undersigned agrees to hold all confidential or
proprietary information or trade secrets
[“information”] in trust and confidence and agrees
that it shall be used only for the contemplated
purpose, shall not be used for any other purpose or
disclosed to any third party.
2. No copies will be made or retained of any written
information supplied.
3. At the conclusion of our discussions, or upon demand
by the Company, all information, including written
notes, photographs, memoranda, or notes taken by you
shall be returned to us.
4. This information shall not be disclosed to any
employee or consultant unless they agree to execute
and be bound by the terms of this agreement.
5. It is understood that the undersigned shall have no
obligation with respect to any information known by the
undersigned or generally known within the industry
prior to date of this agreement, or becomes common
knowledge within the industry thereafter.

Dated: _



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