Corrections to Derogatory Credit Report


Pursuant to your request as to a clarification on the
apparent derogatory findings in your review of my credit
history, I am submitting this correspondence for your
consideration, as well as the lender concerned. Please
be advised as follows:

1. The account held in the name of Bernard T. Emerson
with Gourmet Foods, is not mine.

2. I have asked my secretary to forward a copy to you
of the paid check issued to Flowers Unlimited over
six months ago.

3. I have never maintained a charge account with Lewis
Brothers Furniture Company, nor have I ever resided
at the address indicated in their report.

I sincerely hope that this will assist you in producing an
up to date report. If you should require further
information, please don’t hesitate to call my office.

I would be appreciative if you would forward your updated
report to the lender. Please feel free to include this
correspondence if you so choose.

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