Customer Incentive Program Announcement


As a valued customer of [name of company], we couldn’t
wait to bring you the good news. This letter is to
announce the incorporation of our new customer incentive
program (CIP?). Well, maybe we haven’t thought of a great
logo for it yet, but if you read on I think you’ll agree
that no matter what we call it, it’s super!

Starting on June 1st, a record of your account with our
store will be maintained on a cumulative basis for a
period of one year. Once your purchases have reached
$500, you will be automatically entitled to a 5% discount
on any order placed, including orders for sale items.
When your orders have reached the $1,000 mark, your
discount will increase to 10%. A $1,500 accumulation of
orders will entitle you to a 15% discount and once you
have reached $2,000 you will receive 20% off all
merchandise orders. We think it’s a great idea and hope
that you agree.

Won’t you send us a purchase order today to get you
started on your way? If you think of a good name for us
to tag onto this new discount program, please let us know!

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