Divorce Announcement Letter

Divorce is a painful event for a couple, especially if they tired to keep the relationship working for years. The people who will hurt the most other than the couple are the immediate family. So it is best to write a divorce announcement letter to your family and closest friends.

A divorce announcement letter is an announcement letter that the married couple will no longer be together anymore. Writing a letter is much easier if the couple do not bring up the subject on the phone.

When you write a divorce announcement letter, it is best to keep it plain and easy to understand, without further explanations. Also state the date on where the divorce was granted. If the ex-wife changes her name back to her maiden name, state it to the letter.

If you are planning to file a divorce against your spouse, it is wiser to think about it and tell him first. Maybe your emotions are just high that leads to this decision. But if the two of you work things out, then there is no need for this letter. If you don’t get your relationship working, then it is the best time to take the necessary steps.

Inform your kids and parents in your home to tell them the news first hand. Never tell them one-by-one, or you might be surprised on how the news spread so easily. After that, you can send these to your immediate friends and let them spread the news.

Be discreet when using a social networking site or blog site, a change of status and a small statement will be enough to let anyone know. Telling how you hate your ex-spouse for leaving you can easily been read as hateful by everyone, including your kids. If you don’t want to hurt your kid’s or family’s feelings, just be quiet about it.

Here is a sample of a divorce announcement letter to a vendor:


February 25, 2010

Seeya, Laither, and Associates
1234 Narrow Road
Hennessey, NV 98410

Paul Anklet
Macys Jewelers
2345 Antioch Drive
Queens, NY 02345

Dear Mr. Anklet,

Mr. Aaron Little and Ms. Sylvia Little both announce that their divorce was effectively granted by the Nevada court on January 25, 2010. Ms. Sylvia Little will use her maiden name, she will be known as Ms. Sylvia Olmstead starting on the date previously stated.

Please update your records this information accordingly.

Thank you for attention to this matter.

Arthur Seeya
Seeya, Laither, and Associates

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