Inquiry to Manufacturer on Product Availability


My mother gave me her Chambers Mixmaster when I was married
in 1963. While I have no record of a serial number, I would
venture to say that she purchased it around 1955. The fact
that this appliance never once failed either of us, nor
required any service whatsoever throughout all of those
year’s of use, is one that deserves to be brought to your
attention. You truly make fine kitchen equipment.

The problem is that during our recent move to Florida the
movers lost my mixmaster. After inquiring at several
retail outlets as to where I could locate an older model
as a replacement, I am following their suggestions that I
write to you. While I know your current model has many new
advantages, I would prefer to purchase one of older vintage.
Can you help?

I shall be looking forward to your reply.

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