Letter of a Personal Apology

We are only human. Mistakes are always part of being human. We must learn from our mistakes and treat it as a precious life lesson that can only be learned the hard way. When mistakes are committed and another person’s feelings have been hurt, we must apologize.

In apologizing, we must show our sincerity and we must not blame the other person for what we have done. Taking responsibility for our own action is the right thing to do.

The purpose of making a personal apology is to make amends; to cure whatever wound was caused to another person.

Below is an example of a letter of a personal apology.


September 14, 2010

Dear Michelle,

I deeply apologize for my actions last November 20, 2010. It was really unthinkable for me to have done such a thing. I knew at that moment that I had hurt your feelings. I should not have uttered harsh words to you especially in from of all our friends. I just want to tell you that I deeply regret what had happened. If only I could turn back the time, I would take back all the words. Believe me, I value your friendship. We have been friends and workmates for three years now. I do not want to make a gap in our relationship.

I am asking for your forgiveness and understanding. Please find in your heart to forgive me for what I have done. I have been contemplating on calling you or even meet you in person but I was ashamed of myself. I opted to write this letter. I believe that a letter is the least threatening method. I do not want to put pressure on you to respond or to react in the moment. I know that this situation needs time for reflection. I am asking you to forgive me for I know the gravity of the offense I have done. My mind was clouded during the incident. I had lots of problems with my work. My reports are already delayed that is why my I lost my temper.

My friend, I promise never to do that to you again. I am begging for your forgiveness.


Anthony Grier

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