Announcement Letter of Death in Family for Obituary

Losing someone in your family is painful. It hurts and you must deal with it for months, or even years. The last thing that you can do for that family member is to write an obituary for him.

An obituary is a public announcement about a death of a person. It is a perfect chance to tell to the world the achievements of that person during his life time. It is a good announcement to make that will reach other family members and friends of the deceased. To pay homage and an invitation to come to the funeral and memorial ceremony.

Some newspapers publish short obituaries for free. For longer obituaries, a fee is may be charged by the newspapers because of additional formatting, number of characters, and the space that it fills in the obituary page. If you want to publish the obituary worldwide and free, you can search for obituary websites and post your obituary there.

When writing an obituary, you must include a picture of the deceased, his full name, age when he died, the date and time of his departure, the immediate survivors like children, spouse or grandchildren and sometimes that cause of his death. Also include where, when and what time the funeral and memorial service will take place. If you are writing paid obituaries then you must include the background of the deceased such as his previous work, organizations he joined and his achievements.

Here is an example of an announcement letter in an obituary:


November 25, 2010

Filson- Stokes and Associates
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, Texas 70987

The Filson and Stokes family are sad to announce the passing of Joseph Filson aged 80 of Dallas, Texas on the morning of November 23, 2010. He died due to health complications.

Mr. Joseph Filson was the son of a farmer and a housewife. He studied at the University of Texas by age 15, and pursued his dream to become a lawyer. He co-founded the Filson-Stroke law firm here in Texas.

He married his childhood sweetheart, Laura Rubin and has a daughter Kim and a younger son, Timmy. He has 8 grandchildren.

His remains will be at the Jesus the Light Church in Dallas, Texas beginning November 27 and will be buried at the Tavern Memorial Park on November 30.

Donations are welcome. For more information, please call Kim Stokes at 304-555-2465 or email at

Kimberly Stokes
Business Manager
Filson-Stokes and Associates

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