Letter of Confirmation for a Meeting, Appointment or Interview

Confirming an appointment, meeting or interview might be in a form of an actual letter or email. Your letter should include your acknowledgement of the sender’s request for a meeting, finalized the venue, the date, expected attendees and agenda of the meeting. It must be brief but the details should be complete. Make sure that the details are correct. If there are agreements that you have to give in your response, this is the avenue to clarify the terms before the meeting.

You have to send your response within a few days after receiving the letter. It would be rude to reply if it’s more than one week already. If the meeting involves other people, make sure to furnish them a copy regarding the current events.

If the letter to be given is not within the company, it should be in a letter format and use the letterhead of the company even if it will be sent through email. Your reply should be formal, businesslike, in a positive tone, and in a straightforward manner.

Formal letter doesn’t mean you have to use very academic words. Remove unnecessary details and do not beat around the bush. Your letter should project a professional image by checking if there are misspelled words, grammatical errors or even the tiny details like the date. Review your letter before you send it.

Below is a sample confirmation letter that can serve as your template:


December 10, 2010

Mr. John Smith
Design Group
123 Mitchell South, Suite 110
Los Angeles, California 90001

Dear John,

Hope this note finds you well.

As discussed during our telephone conversation yesterday, I am writing to confirm our meeting on December 15, at 9:30 a.m. at the Bowe Corporate Office located at the 19th Floor of Tower One, Mall of Asia Complex, Honolulu, Hawaii. Theodore Nugent, our Marketing Manager, will be joining us.

Should you need more information, kindly call Mary, our administrative assistant, at 632-555-0106. Or if there will be changes in the date, time or venue, do inform us. I am very confident and optimistic that this meeting will be a success.

Thank you.


Juan dela Cruz
Vice President for External Affairs
MS Group of Companies

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