Letter of Encouragement to Sales Staff

TO: Sales Department

Dear Chambers Family Member:

There are two sides to the story, two sides of a coin, and
two ways to face the day.

There are always the prophets of doom and the cynics who
will be happy to lead their followers through long periods of
drought and famine.

When an unfortunate individual starts blaming his own
failures on others, and on conditions over which he has no
control, he can usually forget about achieving his goals.

There are good times and bad times, but at all times there
are sales that are made and sales that are lost.

You have all proven that you are not only capable, but excel
as salesmen. I am proud of the accomplishments of our sales
force and know that nothing can hold back the motivated
individual who has an excellent product to sell.

In the months to come, I feel confident that you will
persevere in a manner that will result in an increase in
sales and commissions to each and every one of you that will
far exceed our projections.

The outlook for the coming year is brighter than it has been
for some time. With a positive, assertive attitude, nothing
can stop us!

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