Letter to Announce a Contest Winner

A contest does not only serve its purpose of rewarding an individual, the announcement of the lucky winner of a the contest serves as a promotion of your company. A letter to announce a contest winner must be presented in a manner which you are aimin

g to deliver the good news to the winning party, and at the same time, you are proudly informing everybody of such wonderful result.

This aims to tell everyone that you chose the best person which performed well in the contest. Also, it must encourage the readers that they, as well, will be able to win prizes just like the lucky party, if they join and participate in the future contests. Also, make sure to inform not only the winning party, but also the readers as a whole of the prices the winner gets to receive.

Most of all shower the winner with congratulatory messages. In this article, you will be able to view a sample letter announcing a winner in a company contest.


November 25, 2010

Rejoice and Revive Modeling Agency
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

To Our Valued Customers and Contestants,

It is our pleasure to inform to every one of you that Ms. Jane Lennon, a sophomore of St. Mary’s Academy has won this year’s Rejoice and Revive Anniversary Promo.

Of all the thousands of participants and hopefuls, Ms. Lennon has showed our dear judges her exemplary skills in the field of beauty and aesthetics. Born and raised in Ohio, she proved herself worthy of our company’s attention for a job well done. For this, she will receive five thousand dollars ($5,000) cash, plus a chance to be a part of our company as a fashion director. For this, congratulations, Jane!

In line with this, we would also like to grab this opportunity to thank you, our dear participants for making this promo possible. Rest assured that in the coming years, you will experience more fun, more challenges, and better prizes for you to fight for. So keep yourself at bay and be prepared.

We hope for your enthusiastic participation in the future as well!

Truly yours,

Evalyn Lopez
Promotions Director
Rejoice and Revive Modeling Agency

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