Letter to Announce Employee Achievement

Do you want to showcase the achievement of your employee to the entire company? You may want to grab the opportunity by writing a letter announcing a certain employee’s achievement. This is the great time to build good relationship and goodwill between employees and management.

This is one of the ways on acknowledging the performance of an employee. Companies might have numerous ways such as giving monetary bonuses or some other type of reward. But an announcement is the best way of improving the morale of the employees and creates a positive atmosphere within the company.

When you write a letter announcing an employee’s achievement, keep your sentences concise and short. Enumerate the facts clearly and use simple words only in order for your employees to understand. Make your employees feel through your statements that they are truly an asset of the organization. Employees should see and feel that they are valuable in the company. Make genuine and not just flowery statements.

It cannot be equated to money or with any material things. Once the management shows interest in the lives of their employees, they will feel they are taken care of and they are of great value for the company. Here’s a sample of a letter announcing an employee’s achievement.


November 25, 2010

Alpha-Omega Corporation
1234 Narrow Road
Rainbow, PA 10987

Dear Team:


I would like to invite everyone to congratulate Jane Smith for a very terrific achievement!

She has successfully led the Business Development Team in closing a major partnership with a foreign investor. She was able to present with flying colors the business proposal that her team has prepared. Jane presented real time facts very impressive analysis and thorough recommendations. Her output was excellent and has exceeded the expectations of our foreign investor.

The management team would like to encourage everyone to follow her as an example. We are dependent on you, our employees. Your output are the reasons why our company is here. We are looking forward for more people like Jane – those who share their skills, knowledge and talents to the company.

Again, congratulations to Jane. We are truly thankful to have you here in our company and those who will be following your footsteps.


John Doe

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