Notice of Dissolution (Partnership)

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of
( Section and Code of State) that:

The partnership heretofore existing between (partner A)
and (partner B) , under the fictitious name of
(fictitious name of partnership) at (address) , City
of , County of , State of
is now dissolved by mutual consent.

That (partner A) , of the City of , County
of , State of , has withdrawn from
and is no longer associated in the conducting of said
business, and (partner B) , of the City of ,
County of , State of will conduct
said business hereafter, has assumed all of the outstanding
obligations of said business incurred both heretofore and
hereafter, and is entitled to all of the assets of said

Said partnership is dissolved as of (date).
/S/ _____________________
/S/ _____________________

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