Promotional Letter, Appliance Store


Welcome to the city of (city) We are pleased that
you have chosen this as your new home and know that you
will enjoy living here.

(name of firm) has been in business since (year)
and carry a complete line of the finest brand names of
appliances available. In addition to new appliances, we
also offer rebuilt and used models which are sold with our
personal warranty. We will also accept your older
appliance as a trade-in if you decide to purchase a new
one from us. Should you require service on one of your
appliances that is no longer under warranty, our service
department will make the necessary repairs and provide you
with a one year guaranty on all parts replaced.

As our way of welcoming you as a new customer, we have
enclosed a certificate which entitles you to a 5% discount
on any purchase of new merchandise over $100. Please come
and visit us soon.

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